Former Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson may be known for delivering his infamous evening-ending punch – “The H-Bomb” – but it’s hard to forget how talented a grappler “Hendo” is too. Having represented the United States in the Olympics as a wrestler, the 41-year old has forgotten more about putting an opponent on the mat and working him/her over from above than most fighters will every know.

In this MMATraining Technique of the Day, Henderson provides pointers on a variety of grappling skills including the importance of digging for an underhook, keeping your hips close to an adversary before exploding with a takedown attempt, and changing levels as a whole. Considering he’ll be facing a Muay Thai monster in Mauricio “Shogun” Rua tonight at UFC 139, chances are interested parties may even see him employ a few of the moves he demonstrates in the instructional video when things fire up in San Jose on PPV.