Every day MMATraining.com delivers a piece bright and early providing some op-ed material related to one of the numerous blips on MMA’s radar screen. Called The Opening Round, topics have ranged from breaking down particular match-ups to reviewing events to roster cuts to curious business decisions to…well, you get the idea.

In case you missed any of this past week’s offerings, The Final Bell will give readers an opportunity to review each piece by reading below where you can find all five items succinctly listed with brief summaries of each…

“Fixing FOX Holes”

What can the UFC/FOX do to improve their broadcast after UFC on FOX 2?

“What’s Next? (UFC on FOX 2 Edition)”

A look at what might be on the menu for main players at UFC on FOX 2…

“Taking an Interim Fight”

Instead of waiting for Georges St. Pierre, here’s what Carlos Condit/Nick Diaz should do in the interim.

“Odds Are… (UFC 143 Edition)”

Whose job was on the line at UFC 143 and whose was safe regardless of outcome?

“Pick a Card… (UFC 143 Edition)”

Let’s just say MMATraining picked every fight on the card right minus the main event and more than half of the outcomes selected were on point too.

“Why Are the Masses Overlooking Carlos Condit?”

Clearly MMATraining was onto something here too in this self-explanatory piece…

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