Every day MMATraining.com delivers a piece bright and early providing some op-ed material related to one of the numerous blips on MMA’s radar screen. Called The Opening Round, topics have ranged from breaking down particular match-ups to reviewing events to roster cuts to curious business decisions to…well, you get the idea.

In case you missed any of this past week’s offerings, The Final Bell will give readers an opportunity to review each piece by reading below where you can find all six items succinctly listed with brief summaries of each…

“Where You At Carlos”

An examination of why a rematch between Carlos Condit-Nick Diaz was necessary prior to Diaz’s pending suspension for drug use.

“What’s Next? (UFC 143 Edition)”

What’s next for the winners/losers at UFC 143?

“Time to Let ‘The Diamond’ Shine”

Though he may be deserving of the opportunity on paper there’s no reason to rush Dustin Poirier into a title-shot and here’s why…

“The Oddity and Odyssey of Diaz-Condit-Georges St. Pierre”

A rundown of the saga surrounding three of the sport’s top welterweights.

“Joint Manipulation”

Is marijuana a performance enhancing drug? We say yes, but not necessarily on the same level as other (even legal) substances.

“If Not Diaz or GSP, then Who?”

Who should Condit face with Diaz and St. Pierre out of the picture for most of 2012?

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