Recently, Spike TV announced their intention to counter-program UFC on FOX with a series of UFC Unleashed episodes featuring said event’s headliners (Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez). As many readers may already know, the UFC signed a multi-year contract with FOX rather than opting to stay with Spike when it came time to negotiate a new broadcasting deal.

Spike’s attempt to steal viewers away from the UFC’s landmark event is petty and ultimately pointless given the reality of the situation, as any MMA fan who doesn’t wear a helmet on a daily basis will be watching Velasquez and Dos Santos fight live rather than catching repeats (and maybe a few of them too).

While their business discussions weren’t publicized, it seems the UFC did little more than what was best for their company and the sport in general. However, Spike is somehow upset as though they were stood up for a prom date Dana White never asked them out on. The network is trying to “stick it” to the source of why they’ve been as successful the past few years and, making things more pathetic, doing so with a spoon rather than sharp object).

Be thankful you had the UFC while you did, ye land o’ “Blue Mountain State” and “MANSwers”. Be grateful for the profile they helped you build and the money the agreement brought in while it lasted. There’s Bellator on the horizon, a promotion you’re clearly intent on bringing in. Move the UFC Unleashed episodes to an earlier/later time before it’s too late and avoid running them against UFC on FOX. Think about what you have to truly gain by handling the situation as you have in comparison to what the future could bring if you exit your partnership with Zuffa using a smile and a handshake.

And, finally, send me 10% of your top programming executive’s salary for saving you the future headaches you’re creating by letting personal feelings bleed over into professional matters.

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