The personal issues between light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and top contender Rashad Evans came to a head recently when both men sat down with Ultimate Insider to discuss their upcoming bout at UFC 145. Both men, literally within feet of each other, offered up their thoughts on a number of topics including the beginning of their problems, Evans’ falling out with Greg Jackson’s gym, and how each plans to beat the other.

“Trust me, I know the ways I can lose and I’m training for that. You don’t think I’m training extensively on my bottom game and my takedown defense? You don’t know if I’m gonna shoot on you or if it’s gonna be a fake shot. You don’t know what you’re getting into. So you can say what you want but I KNOW just as much as you THINK that you know,” said an increasingly angry Jones in response to Evans’ allegations that he had him fully game-planned based on their previous training experience together.

Check out the first half of their conversation below with the latter part likely coming this week as well:

MMATraining Take: I know their rivalry has been beaten to death but I for one am stoked about seeing them finally squash things in two weeks. It’s clear they’re both supremely confident, and for good reason too given their abilities, plus an increasingly widening rift makes things even more interesting.