bio-chris-horodecki1The biggest card over the weekend was “Ultimate Chaos”held in Biloxi, Mississippi featuring a main event between Bob Sapp and Bobby Lashley. While the main event was less than thrilling, the remaining fights on the card exceeded expectations and we saw the evolution of a few fighters and a T-shirt guy.

1. Chris Horodecki is back
Horodecki has been out of the MMA cage for over a year. His only fight in the last 12 months was a decision loss to Hiroki Shishido at Shoot Boxing S-Cup tournament in Japan. (His full blog on that even can be found HERE) Cage rust wasn’t an issue for the young Canadian member of the team. Horodecki looked sharp on the feet and brought William Sriyapai quickly to the mat after a minute. Horodecki use his always evolving ground game to put an end to Sripapai’s night at 4:02 in round 1. It was an impressive performance to move the 21 year old to 13-1 as a pro and he will look to build on that August 1 at Affliction 3 as he faces another impressive young fighter, Dan Lauzon.

2. Tom Atencio showed a lot of heart

Atencio is affectionately known in MMA circles as the “T-shirt guy”, but Saturday night he was much more than that. The VP of Affliction Clothing got into the cage at “Ultimate Chaos” and took on Randy Hedderick. Atencio was absolutely rocked in round one on two separate occasions, but managed to keep his composure and come back to win round two, breaking Hedderick’s nose in the process. Hedderick was unable to answer the bell in round 2 and Antencio came away with a tough comeback win. Atencio doesn’t need to fight to pay the bills and some have questioned what his motivation is. It’s simple. He  likes to train and loves to fight. Impressive performance from “T-shirt guy”.

lashley4563. Bobby Lashley needs better opponents

Physically, Lashley is one of the most impressive looking human beings to ever fight in Mixed Martial Arts. He looks like a professional bodybuilder, is quick as a lightweight and has a great wrestling background. The problem has been his opponents have given him absolutely no challenge up to this point, which makes it impossible to really see where he is at with his MMA game. Bob Sapp was to be Lashley’s toughest test, but Sapp has morphed into a part time fighter and some would say full time quitter. Sapp, at 37 years of age looks slow and disinterested in fighting. Lashley took Sapp down and pounded on him for three minutes until Sapp quit Saturday night. It really told us nothing new about Lashley. It showed he can easily handle Bob Sapp. Well, we already knew that.

Lashley is the first to admit he is learning and it is his quest to always improve. But until he faces better opponents, it’s impossible to tell what he is really capable of. I know he wants to take it slow, but as Brock Lesnarsaid about his UFC debut against a former champion “I’m going to find out really quickly if I’m good at this or not.” I think Lashley needs to find that out soon too. I think he’ll be pleasantly surprised.

How did you see things go down this weekend?