In today’s Thoughts we fill you in on the entire roster for TUF 8, more GSP vs. Penn hearsay and why I think Tito Ortiz will end up back in the UFC.


The contestants of Spike TV’s TUF 8 were announced today along with coaches Frank Mir and UFC champion Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera. You’ll note a few familiar names, but largely a group of current unknowns. The UFC has said that house guests will have to pay for any damage they cause to the house this year, to act as a deterant. My question: What if some of us liked it and thought it was funny?

Dream fighter Joachim Hansen is not a big fan of the UFC. He said over the weekend he would he “would rather have bleading hermoids than fight in the UFC.” Apparently Zuffa offered him 1/2 of his Pride salary when the UFC bought the Japanese promotion in March 2007. I’ve heard some of the UFC contracts can be oppressive, but with comments like that, I will assume Hansen has never actually had bleeding hemroids. Let’s hope.

Reports last week were that a fight between Georges St. Pierre and BJ Penn may not happen this year, after all. St. Pierre said that he may need some time off, after fighting 4 times in the last 12 months. I can’t blame GSP for wanting a break. He’s been running through people for the last year and deserves a layoff. But I’m also wondering if the UFC really wants a loss on one of their superstars record’s right now. The hardcore fans want this fight, but will the casual fan give up on either GSP or Penn with a dominating defeat? Time will tell.

Tito Ortiz is a huge draw. No question about it. But it appears he’s having trouble getting signed by another organization. His deal with Affliction apparently fell through and he is rumoured to be negotiating with EliteXC and the AFL. My guess? He ends up back in the UFC. They are the only organization who can afford him and he and Dana White have a “You’re my best friend but you act like an idiot when you’re drunk man” kind of relationship. And those usually never die.

Some have questioned Brock Lesnar’s actions after his win over Heath Herring at UFC 87. But no matter which side you fall on this one, you’ll be watching the next time he steps inside the cage.