There is no argument that MMA fighters are the toughest around. Take the best from the UFC, Affliction, EliteXC or your local Muay Thai training facility and they reign supreme over any other human beings.

So what if there was cross over between sports?

What if we took some of the legendary bad guys from the other mainstream professional sports and put them in the ring.

Well, let’s start with who we would want to see and why they make would make the cut.

The all-star roster:

Roger Clemens (Baseball)

Simply it’s time someone kicked his ass. Yes he was a great pitcher but enough with the denial already. You took steroids, they worked. You threw the ball harder than anyone well into your 40’s as a result. Now, step into the ring for a pounding. We like the Clemens vs. Lesnar matchup.

Josh Gratton  (Hockey)

Watch all of this young hockey player’s fights and you’ll understand why we want to put him into the UFC ASAP.

Josh comes out swinging and takes a punch like his face is a set of punching pads – built to receive. His punching power has always been deadly and no one can question his cardio after winning the Phoenix Coyotes fitness test last year, under the watchful eye of Wayne Gretzky. On the ice or inside the cage, the lone Canadian rep on our list has a bright future ahead.

Steve Smith (Football)

A pro-bowl football player that likes to get in fight in practice with teammates? Sounds like someone who could make our Pros vs. Joe’s lineup. He’s fast, athletic, strong and appears to have an anger management issue. After punching starting Cornerback Ken Lucas in the face at this year’s training camp, we’d like to sign him up against Fedor. Why Fedor? Because it is funny watching Fedor beat on people.

Zinedine Zidane (Soccer)

photo of Zinedine Zindane courtesy of football-wallpapers.comThis guy is a prime candidate. After headbutting Marco Materrazzi in the finals of the 2006 WorldCup against Italy, the Frenchman makes a young Mark Coleman look like an amatuer. But we’d have to change the rules and toss in head butting as an acceptable tactic. Put him in the ring against Jon Fitch. After watching Fitch last for five brutal rounds with GSP, we think he can take a few drives of the head and still come out on top.

Michael Phelps (Swimming)

So he’s not a noted tough guy we agree, but with his amazing athletic achievements we’ve got to give him a shot at the title. We like Phelps over Arlovski… if the match is in a swimming pool. If it is in the ring, the reach of the young American would come in handy. Arlovski would eventually end up being too much, but after last week, I’m not counting Michael Phelps out of anything.

Leave us your comments – tell us who you want to see in their MMA debut.