It was billed as the “most shocking” episode of The Ultimate Fighter ever, and it certainly lived up to that Wednesday night. And after all is said and done it will be Amir Sadollah in a rematch vs. CB Dollaway in the finale Saturday night in Las Vegas to crown the TUF 7 champion. A rematch? Yes. After reaching the final last week, Jesse Taylor was subsequently kicked off the show for, among other things, kicking in a limo window, harrasing waitresses and hotel security at one of the Station Casinos in Vegas, which are operated by the Fertitta family, who are also the UFC owners. This was all caught on the hotels security cameras.

The show began with Amir vs. CB, in what turned out to be a very exciting matchup. CB looked to be winning, as he took the first two rounds,  showing a superior ground and clinch game. In the 3rd and final round, Amir was able to secure an arm bar and forced the Arizona native to tap. It was all set up. Amir vs. Jesse in the final and nothing more to be decided. But there was an hour left in the program.

Then Jesse Taylor decided to go bonkers. Two days after the semi-final match ups – Jeff went on his rampage. Dana White brought Taylor back to the gym and told him he is being removed from the finale and he is gone from the UFC, for now. This was a complete shock to him and to most viewers. The two losing semi-finalists were flown back into Vegas (CB and Tim Credeur) and asked if they wanted to fight each other for a spot in the semis. Of course, they both jumped at this chance. Dollaway and Credeur fought a hard 3 round battle and CB merged victorious, as he seemed one step ahead of Tim throughout most of the fight.

CB and Amir will once again meet up at the Finale this Saturday, while Jesse will be left wondering what could have been. You have to feel sorry for the guy, but the UFC has made their decision. Let’s hope Jesse can sort himself out and is one day allowed a second chance by the UFC. While he does that, fans will be busy looking forward to Saturdays finale which also features co-main events Kendall Grove vs. Evan Tanner in a middleweight match up and Diego Sanchez vs. Luigi Fioravanti in a welterweight clash.