gray_maynard_prev1The team landed last night in Las Vegas. We took the private jet down of course. Nothing better than that. We had a nice dinner and hit some tables. Everyone – and I mean everyone is talking about UFC 100. The UFC is finally getting the mainstream recognition that it deserves. Today we got up and headed over to Xtreme Coutureto have a private training session with Gray Maynard.

Gray put us through one of the toughest workouts we’ve ever had. Just unbelievable and a great atmosphere in the gym. Training at the same time as us: Phil Baraoni and Satoshi Ishiwho was the Olympic Gold medalist in Judo last year. They both look sharp. Ishi is raw, but a big guy and you can tell he is a hard worker. Maynard talked about his fight with Huerta. Said he was surprised to find out it was Roger, said he was a nice guy, but business is business.

Now off to the pool for some sun and out to dinner with some fighters tonight. Check back with you later. We will be posting some pics. Thanks for the support.