There’s no question UFC lightweights Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson are highly skilled Mixed Martial Artists. However, what may not be as clear to fans is the type of people both men are outside of the Octagon.

The recent UFC Countdown special related to their main event match-up on Saturday Night at UFC 144 delved into the backgrounds of each, revealing Edgar and Henderson to both be humble, hard-workers who are family men at heart.

Henderson’s foundation comes from his mother who essentially raised him and his brother as a single parent, even taking a second job to help provide her sons with every comfort she could afford. Her sacrifice instilled a sense of commitment and loyalty in “Bendo” still present today, as he will still occasionally work open to close at his mom’s store in order for her to have time off.

Meanwhile, Edgar fights in large part for the pride of his community as well as to take care of his wife and two young sons.

Before watching them fight this weekend check out UFC 144 Countdown feature below:

MMATraining Take: It’s hard to root against Edgar or Henderson given what they represent. Both are class-acts who work their tails off in the training room and deserve all the good things that come their way.