TSN.com is reporting that the UFC is planning to make another trip back to the Great White North before the end of the year. White made the comments to the Canadian Press this week, as he stopped in to Toronto for a press conference for local media, on his way to Minnesota for UFC 87.

This would be good news for… well … just about everyone in Canada and the UFC. The first show had the largest gate in UFC history and the speed at which tickets were sold broke records. The UFC must have been impressed.

White would not comment on who would be fighting at the possible event, but did mention that “Obviously BJ (Penn) is pulling for GSP because he wants to fight him next.”

Do I see a GSP v. BJ Penn match up on the Horizon? In Montreal no less? A fight of this magnitude may be reserved for the “As close to New Years Eve on Saturday Night as we Can Get it” UFC card that takes place near December 31st each year. However, given the success of the first Montreal show, I wouldn’t count this Superfight out as possibility.

I know that would make Canadians fans pretty happy, and my advice this time around? Get your tickets early my good Canadian friends. They will go fast.