If you’re a MMA fan you’ve no doubt heard it before – Mixed Martial Arts is akin to brawl on the street with homoerotic overtones sprinkled in when things hit the mat; that fighters are not dedicated athletes but beer-guzzling thugs; that it’s “human cockfighting”.

Now the UFC has come out with a video responding to the lot of undereducated individuals who feel contempt for MMA simply because they’ve never seen it or are still clinging on to the antiquated notion boxing is the only pure form of fighting. In the feature the team at Zuffa have used boxing promoter Bob Arum‘s words against him, interspersing one of his classic rants against the sport with footage of UFC fighters at their best.

Watch the extremely well-done video below:

MMATraining Take: Bravo, UFC production team! I invite anyone on Arum’s side of the argument to watch that video and then defend his ridiculous take. There should be no question surrounding the level of talent/ability it takes to be a high-level Mixed Martial Artist and attempting to raise one, especially in such an ignorant manner, can only result in complete failure.