UFC Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner has made his decision concerning the fight at UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes between Erick Silva and Carlo Prater.

“Based on the referee’s verbal warnings and his determination that the blows were intentional and a disqualifying foul, this is not the type of decision that can be reviewed. Therefore, the decision stands,” Ratner wrote in a statement released this week.

Silva, in a matter of seconds, stormed Prater and delivered what looked like a possible “Knockout of the Night” victory, as referee Mario Yamasaki called for the finish. However, after a few minutes it was declared that Silva was disqualified due to illegal and intentional strikes to the back of the head, giving Prater the win.

Yamasaki was called into question by UFC commentator Joe Rogan inside the Octagon after the decision was made, but the veteran referee stood by his call. Now, Ratner is backing that decision as well.

Since the bout took place internationally, there was no regulatory board present. That left the final call up to Ratner. Silva was still paid his win bonus by the UFC after the fight, but will receive a loss on his career record. As a result the UFC will also implement instant replay at international events they oversee.


MMATraining Take: I would expect the UFC to still treat this as a win for Silva, likely placing him in such a match in the coming months. UFC president Dana White was very high on Silva and backed him being declared the winner, so that should be enough in Silva’s book.