Fear not fans on the West Coast! The UFC has revealed they have decided to move PPVs back to their original start-time, 10:00 PM EST, after a six-month stretch starting an hour earlier. However, as much as folks in Las Vegas and California may be enjoying the news, chances are those on the East Coast were left grumbling at the prospect of shows once again running later than midnight.

The change, starting December 30 at UFC 141, was first reported by F4WOnline and has since been confirmed by a number of other outlets. Preliminary fights will also start earlier as might be expected.

Zuffa originally pushed things up to 9:00 PM EST six months ago in anticipation of UFC 129 in Toronto. However, whether due to fan feedback or a negative impact on buyrates, the experiment now appears to be over.

The organization clearly picked a good event to return to the later time given the attention sure to be surrounding UFC 141, the company’s annual New Year’s Eve Weekend card. 2011’s offering is headlined by Brock Lesnar facing newcomer Alistair Overeem and will also feature appearances from Jon Fitch, Jake Ellenberger, and Diego Sanchez.


MMATraining Take: Since I’m a Central Time Zone guy the news doesn’t bother me or offer any sense of relief. However, I have to admit I enjoyed having shows either end early enough for a sliver of my evening to remain or run a little late in order to include undercard match-ups that may not have made the airwaves.