If you’re a MMA fan who’s into Twitter or Facebook and was online Sunday you likely saw a good deal of chatter surrounding FOX airing the UFC Primetime special associated with the promotion’s upcoming debut on the network this November 12 when Cain Velasquez puts his gold up for grabs with stand-up savvy Brazilian Junior dos Santos standing opposite from him in the Octagon.

In general, feedback as positive as the broadcast not only felt special based in part on it being nestled between NFL-related material but also because of how well-done the show was.

The UFC has now made the Primetime available online, the entirety of which you can watch below:

MMATraining Take: You owe it to yourself to watch this video if you haven’t already seen it – hell, maybe if you HAVE already seen it. I have to believe even casual viewers who happened to tune in were impressed. Truly a high-quality, revealing look at the dedication and drive it takes to be a Mixed Martial Artist while also emphasizing neither man is some savage brute but rather a relatable individual.