Sunday afternoon the UFC’s website was hacked, as a group swooped in to re-direct those trying to get to the MMA site to a picture resembling Adolf Hitler.

“Josh Matthews”, who admitted on Twitter to the hack, said he was upset about the shutdown of file-sharing site MegaUpload over SOPA, writing, “How does the government have more power than us people?”

The UFC came out in vocal support of the anti-piracy legislation SOPA, a move apparently pushing the hackers to take over the site.

UFC President Dana White responded on his own Twitter account by posting, “Who gives a sh*t…” in regards to someone asking him what was going on with the site.

As of this report the site is still having issues though the initial image has been taken down.

MMATraining Take: If they really wanted to make an impression, the hack group should have waited until there was a UFC event going on to take over the site. Not a Sunday when two NFL championship games were being played.