Just when it appeared War Machine (i.e. The Artist Formerly Known as Jon Koppenhaver) had his life back on track it appears the 30-year old will be heading back to the big house after received a year behind bars for a previous case. Machine finished a similar sentence attached to an unrelated case in July 2011 and returned to victory in the ring last November in a bout against Roger Huerta.

News of  the 12-4Machine’s predicament surfaced earlier today on the fighter’s Twitter account where he wrote, “Seems my year in jail wasnt enough. Just got sentenced to another year in Vegas for some old bullsh*t. Nevermind I’m rehabilitated. Nevermind I’ve been out for over 6 months now and doing great and am finally back on my feet. Nevermind all my students that will miss me. Do another year and rot n waste time. Make no money, pay no taxes.”

“Can’t stop me, all you can do is delay the inevitable. War Machine will always be back,” he continued.

In closing Machine also wished Ben Saunders luck in the Bellator Season 6 Welterweight Tournament, a field he was set to compete in prior to his legal issue interfering. Bellator has not commented on the matter.

No specifics were offered in terms of when he’ll start serving his sentence or what the specific charge was related to.


MMATraining Take: I’m assuming the case in question here could be related to a probation violation from a 2008 assault charge since he was arrested for multiple incidents after it. Either way, six months isn’t a lot of time to demonstrate change but I don’t necessarily know if he deserved to go back to jail either. Time will tell once more information comes to light.