Here are the news and notes from the world of MMA for Wednesday November 23rd.

  • Gerald Harris was cut by the UFC on Tuesday. This came as a shocker to most as Harris had put together 4 straights wins in the UFC until he suffered a decision loss at UFC 123 Saturday night. Harris’s performance wasn’t great on Saturday, but most thought he would for sure get another shot


  • Mike Bisping and Jorge Rivera have verbally committed to fighting each other in Australia at UFC 127. I’m not exactly sure what beating Rivera does for Bisping and he felt the same way, as it took him a few weeks to finally agree to the fight.


  • Mike Swick and Frank Shamrock are taking turns bashing each other over twitter. Swick is claiming Shamrock’s bully campaign is a complete joke and Shamrock is countering that he helped Swick early on in his career become a “made man”. Oh twitter fights. They are the best.

    • Jose Aldo is likely out of UFC 125, leaving that card with a major gap to fill.