I learned that Chris Lytle is a much better fighter than most had given him credit for. His stand up looked impressive and he had Marcus Davis in some serious trouble few times, in a fight that really could have gone either way. Over the last two years Lytle has changed his game plan to include an all out swing for the fences mentality, which has pleased fans. He did a bit of that Saturday, but mostly he used good footwork and some heavy hands to frustrated Davis. Davis’s leg kicks may have been the difference, but Chris Lytle proved he is one of the better fighters at 170 in the UFC.

That Denis Kang is still a long way from Anderson Silva’s title. Once regarded as one of the top 10 fighters in the world, he’s gone 3-4 in his last 7 including a submission loss to the ever improving Alan Belcher on Saturday. He showed flashes of brilliance in his octagon debut, but ultimately lost focused for a split second, which has resulted in his demise far too many time latterly. An extremely talented individual, and only 31, let’s hope Kang can come back stronger and climb back near the top, where he sat and looked down on people for so many years.

That Jeremy Horn has a lot of heart and should be given at least one more fight in the UFC. He was battered and bruised Saturday, but he held on for 15 minutes to hear the judge’s decision. It’s no secret as to why he has 88 MMA wins and over 100 fights – the guy is a survivor.

Are people impressed by Rousimar Palhares? At this point I’m not. He won impressively in his UFC debut over Ivan Salaverry, but people forget this was the same Ivan Salaverry who came out of retirement to take this fight and had lost 2 of his last 3. Palhares demonstrates great Jiu Jitsu, but against Horn it looked like he thought he was in a points match and was never near finishing off Horn – a guy whose been submitted in his last 3 of 4. Those who say he’d give Anderson Silva a run for his money need to take and step back and realize that Palhares is a few more dimensions away from being a complete MMA fighter.

Mark Coleman is a warrior. Sure he lost and looked tired after the first minute, but at 44 years of age he deserves to take rest – even if it was inside the octagon. He should feel no shame in losing and even when the referee jumped in to ‘save’ him he still wanted to continue. All fighters should have a heart the size of Coleman’s.

That one UFC judge picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue – 30-27 Franklin?

Shogun was either hurt in training and couldn’t push hard or he no longer feels cardio should be a part of his preparation. He looked exhausted in the Griffin fight and looked just as tired Saturday. If he wants to be the best 205 lbs fighter in the world again, he needs to improve his cardio and do it soon. He’ll have to face another top 10 guy in his next fight and he better be prepared.

Not much was learned from the main event, other than Dan Henderson’s stand up game is better than he showed in both the Silva and Palhares fights. It will be interesting to see him and Michael Bisping fight as I think Henderson is still one of the world’s best and Bisping still needs to prove that.

I learned that I’m not very good at predictions, as my 60% record on the main card shows. I’ll train harder for the next one, I promise.

I learned that the UFC continues to put on great fight cards, even though most of their efforts lately have been spent hyping a month end GSP vs. BJ Penn super fight. UFC 93 was dubbed a ‘filler’ by some in the media, but it turned out to be a fantastic show. The card was great, the Irish fans should be commended as they were unbelievable and the UFC’s athletes once again delivered the most exciting sport in the world.