Original Image of Chuck Liddell from mmawild.comWhat’s this – Chuck still wants to fight?

Apparently not if Dana White has a say in the decision. Dana said fuck a lot but ignoring the dirty words he made some valid points in a recent interview in response to Liddell’s longtime trainer John Hackelman’s claims that Chuck is not set on retiring – not just yet.

Hackelman made several claims related to Dana’s bullying of Chuck in to retirement. “Dana is Dana and he’s got the two rich brothers backing him up and he’s got all the money in the world. I think he says that out of concern for Chuck, but he wants to be the bully, the big shot, ‘there will be a war.’ F–k. You don’t have to say that. But it’s Dana’s playground and he can take his ball and say, ‘You can’t play anymore.’ Could he talk that way if he didn’t have what he had behind him?”

Dana countered that Hackelman has yet to pay off his house, is no Mark DellaGrotte and should put Chuck’s best interest first and not his own bank account.

It is hard to argue with Dana at the best of times but particularly on this one. Chuck has lost four of his last five and more than one of those losses were tough to watch. It makes for good debate and entertainment, but at the end of the day nobody wants to see Chuck get knocked out again – not in the UFC and not in any other MMA event. It would be the equivalent of watching a great boxer like Roy Jones Jr. tarnish his career fighting well beyond his prime in small venues against has-beens. Oh wait, that is actually happening. It would be like Jose Canseco putting on a baseball uniform in some unknown minor league to see if he can still hit it out of the park. Wait, strike two. It would be like Mike Tyson…ah, forget about it….come on back Chuck.