You may start reading this and think “cool” a bar fight. Well yes and no. It’s not exactly what you think. It’s an exercise that can help you with your mma game. This an exercise I created and refined with Kenny and Keith Florian last year for an MMA fight circuit. It has been indispensable to have them as well as other fighters and trainers such as Kru Mark Dellagrotti of Team Sityodtong, Team Nexus owner Steve Whittier, and USMMA Owner and fighter Jorge Rivera.

I help these guys take their game to the next level and they help me take my training programs to the next level. Let’s face the facts: I’m not a fighter and don’t ever plan to step in the ring. I can see something in a fight and mimic an exercise for them, but I need these guys as my “lab mice” to impart on me their fight feedback. They are guys that feel the pressure and the pain. It’s amazing the small little “tweaks” in an exercise we will come up with to enhance it. Trial and error are a huge part of any training and fighting. So to get on with it, we affectionately call this “bar fight”

The idea behind this exercise is to mimic the top pressure one may feel in a fight or on the mat. If you are on the bottom in the fight or match the idea is to remove or relieve the crushing pressure on the chest and upper body. The guy on top is trying to maintain that pressure constantly and bring it back to center over the chest. The fun happens when you add a 20 lb body bar into the mix and both guys are pushing and pulling for 30 seconds or longer. This can be really tough on both guys but especially the guy on the bottom.


Okay let’s start…

1. Person on the bottom – your job is to shrimp, get your hips out and push the bar off your chest.

2. Person on top – your job is to constantly try and push and pull that bar back to that center crushing position.

3. Start with the bar about 6 inches off the chest. The person on top is in a push up like position.

(Insider’s tip) for newbie’s started the bar higher and make sure the person on top splits his feet to give the bottom person enough room to shrimp.

This is excellent way not only to train high level fighters who are getting ready to fight but for those new people that feel claustrophobic (especially if your 150lbs with someone who weighs 250 lbs on your chest!)

Kevin Kearns has been a S and C coach for over 20 years. He is the creator of the Burn With Kearns .com and Be Physically His client list includes Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar, Kurt Pellegrino, Alex Karalexis, Alberto Crane, Marcus Davis, Nate Quarry, Daniel Gracie, and the list continues. The Burn With Kearns Basement for MMA conditioning are currently selling worldwide. For seminar, workshop, and certification programs, he can be reached at [email protected]

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