Most people simply do not train their shoulders properly to add quality thickness and shape. They may put too much focus on isolation movements and not enough on compound movements. They may neglect one of the deltoid muscles completely. The most common ones to be neglected are the rear deltoids. Overtraining is another problem that will keep the shoulders from growing. More is not always better!

Kevin Ferrell
Team Canada, Super-Heavyweight

Shoulders can take several years of solid training before they reach their peak development.
Many people just don’t have the foundation of good training and sound nutrition in place long enough to maximize results.

Here are some tips to attaining optimal shoulder development:

  1. Focus your workout on compound movements. These will build the foundation of muscle thickness that you need to show off quality deltoids. These could include movements such as Military Press, Standing Barbell Press, Arnold Press, Dumbbell Shoulder Press.
  2. Keep the rep range between 6-10 repetitions to focus on building the shoulders.
  3. Keep your exercises to 4-5 sets per exercise
  4. Include Isolation movements such as Lateral Raises and Front Raises later in your workout or use them to pre exhaust the shoulders prior to your compound movements. An example would supersetting 1 set of Lateral Raises with 1 set of Barbell Presses.
  5. If you really want to focus on developing shoulders then consider training them at the beginning of your training week when you are at your freshest.
  6. Keep your shoulder training separate from other body parts that involve shoulders such as chest. This will allow time for them to recover and prevent overtraining.
  7. Incorporate Drop Sets, Pre-Exhaustion Supersets and regular Supersets periodically during training to help break through plateaus.
  8. Last but not least! Do not neglect training those rear deltoids. Equal development of all 3 heads is critical to a balanced physique.

Boulder Shoulder Building Workout:

Be sure to warm up for 5-10 minutes before you begin your shoulder training so that the joints are ready to work.

Remember! No amount of intense shoulder training will ever build an impressive set of shoulders unless your nutrition is on track. You have to be taking in enough nutrients and enough of the right nutrients to allow the muscles to recover and grow.

Follow these guidelines and there is no doubt that you will be on your way to Bolder Shoulders in no time!

Tammy Strome, RNCP, Ckin, IFBB Pro

Professional Health and Wellness Coach

Co-founder, CRE8iON Fitness & Wellness Inc.