checked in with Kevin “Dr. Evil” Kearns to find out which of his stable of top notch fighters he was training this week and what madness he was putting them through in the gym. Florian, Pellegrino, Quarry, Gurgel and of course Patrick Cote as he gears up for Anderson Silva were all on the hit list…

“Last week ended with training The Predator Patrick Cote for his last hard gas in the tank session for his upcoming fight on the 25th of October. I have to say I was completely impressed (which does not happen often) with the 5 rounds that we did. I think I was more tired then he was. He looked at me at the end of the last circuit, and asked if that was it! Cote wanted to do more! He never once backed down or slowed down during the 45 minutes of torture I put him through. What also impresses me is that his ground game has shot through the roof! If others want to count him out, let them. I think and hope he drops a lot jaws on the 25th, for the predator is on the hunt!


Nate Quarry and Greg Thompson were in town to train with me and the team. I now know why they call Nate the “rock”. We did one of my favorite routes: The Summit of Pain otherwise known as 246 stairs in Brookline Massachusetts. It is quite sadistic. Nate hammered the stairs into submission and cranked out fast times like a sprinter! Sometimes running and skipping the flights and launching himself up the stairs! All I could see was his AND 1 shorts running by like Flash Gordon.

Kurt Pellegrino came into town to work with Kenny and received some Dr. Evil time with me. I have to say he’s probably one of my favorite people to hang with – you just never know what he is going to say or do. He kept Kenny and me laughing in training. As a bonus, I think I’m rubbing off on him, he came up with some new gas in the tank exercises for Kenny! Nice Job Bro!

Monday I will be back training Jorge Gurgel. He’s coming back to work with me and the team. An awesome competitor and funny guy! He is a workhorse and a half, not to mention a very respectful client (when he’s not making fun of my shorts).

Kenny is officially on his gas in the tank protocol . After some tweaking last week, he said: “Another great circuit, Kev.” As we draw closer to the fight less than a month away, I can see his demeanor starting to change. Always the warrior at heart but when the battle drums start, he has this searing white hot focus. You can feel it during every workout, as if he is a lion stalking an antelope. He’s training hard and patiently waiting to pounce on 11/15/08! THE ROAD TO RESPECT !

My hat goes off to Marucs Davis for his big win over Paul Kelly on Saturday night! We worked together while he was at Sityodtong for about 6 weeks. The mold had to be broken with his old style of heavy lifting prior to a fight. Fortunately, he was completely motivated to smash the mold and change his training around. With a previous shoulder injury after the last fight with Swick he knew heavy lifting was out of the question. Although mentally he may not have thought he was as strong as before, his core was he had new engine in there. As it showed in the ring: he was faster and more agile than before.

Thanks again to Mark “Kru” Dellagrotte for as his support and insight with the fighters. Mark has so much confidence in me now that when someone walks into to Sityodtong to train with him, he sends them to me for their S and C programs. Thanks Bro and My Kru.

I’m looking forward to Vegas where 3 of my fighters are on the card: Kenny, Jorge, and Nate. It will be nuts for sure.”

Kevin Kearns AkA Dr. Evil has been a S and C coach for more than 20 years. His client list includes # 1 UFC lt weight Contender Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar, Kurt Pellegrino, Alberto Crane, Alex Karalexis, Daniel Gracie, Mark Dellegrotte, Marcus Davis, and list continues. He recently released his Burn With Kearns Basement tapes for MMA conditioning . He is available for seminars and workshops. You may contact him at [email protected] or speak to Ron Wienberg at 5086537401.

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