mma-gym21Looking for an MMA Gym? There are many things to consider when deciding to finally take the plunge and join an MMA gym. It doesn’t matter if it’s an MMA gym in Ontario, MMA gym in California, or MMA facility all the way down in Florida you must consider many items before you make your final decision. Here are some things to consider.

1. Price. Price is an important consideration for anything in life, but especially important for an MMA gym. Some gyms have higher rates all the way up to over $100 a month and some can be as long as $15 a month. Depending on your financial situation you need to consider your own budget with that of a gym membership before singing up. Maybe you have a mortgage or a car loan that you are worrying about. In that case, be careful and don’t spend too much.

2. Proximity to where you live. There is nothing worse than getting a gym membership and then realizing that the gym is too far to your house to get there for most classes. Or that the highway you need to take to get there is a traffic jam 24/7. Make sure the gym is close enough to where you live that you will be motivated to attend. One trick? Ask if you can try the gym out for a week or two before joining and see if the drive works with your schedule.

3. Equipment and Facilities. Does the gym have nice facilities (washroom, shower etc) and how good is their equipment (Cage, ring, mats). If you don’t feel like these are up to standard then it may be an indication of the MMA gym or the people running it. Infections can often be attributed to dirty equipment in an MMA gym. So make sure you evaluate the equipment and facilities before signing up.

4. What type of MMA Training do you want to get? This is a very important question that you must answer. Do you want full on MMA Training or would you rather have strictly karate training, or maybe it’s muay thai that you are into. Many of the greatest fighters including BJ Penn started out strictly inJiu Jitsu (which is much easier on the face). Then there is boxing and wrestling. Whatever fighting style you want to learn make sure that gym offers it!! Nothing worse than signing up for an MMA gym and finding out all they have is boxing and wrestling.

If you can answer those 4 questions above you will be well on your way to finding the gym of your dreams and one day fighting in the UFC. Well, maybe you will never make it there, but you will have some of the best training of your life and will be glad that you did.

Be sure to check out our listing of MMA Gyms and good luck!