Everyone at one time or another has had some type of back pain. As we become older this is much more likely to happen. To compound this you have repetitive use injuries as well for industrial athletes. Back pain accounts for billions of dollars a year in workman’s comp and health care insurance. It is one of the top 3 reasons for lost time at work. If you have ever experienced this pain, you know quickly you don’t ever want to again. The good news is there are ways to decrease this pain and actually prevent it with some simple exercises and a foam roller.

A foam roller is a simple piece of round bio foam that is used in therapy clinics everywhere. This type of work is known in the industry as self massage. You are ironing the muscles and fascia out. Fascia is connective covering of the muscles that causes those “knots” in your muscles. Here are some simple techniques.

1. Glute and back roll. Start at the top of your hip and roll down to mid thigh. When you find a sore spot, stay on it until it reduces by 50%.


2. The I T Band roll. Start at the top of thigh and roll down to your knee. Do not roll the knee joint !


3. Upper back roll as demonstrated by UFC lt wt contender Kenny Florian. Place the foam roller behind your upper back and roll back and forth.