You still see a lot of fighters with the classic ‘hands-in-the-pockets’ stance when fighting a long, grueling, stand-up war. After multiple exchanges, they just can’t hold the weight of their own fist up to protect their face anymore.

Unfortunately, this is a good stance to use if your goal is to soon be sleeping.

Luckily for you, you may never have to face this problem again. Once you implement this killer dumbbell shoulder complex into your routine, you’ll greatly build the strength-endurance of all the muscles around the shoulder: the push and pull muscles, rotator cuff, and scapular stabilizers.

Here’s where you start:

Anaerobic Lactic Dumbbell Shoulder Complex

Reps: 10
Tempo: Control
Intensity: Pick a weight you can do 13 reps on the Dumbbell side raise
Rest: 1-2 min, you’ll probably start around 2 min, then work your way down
Sets: 2-4

This complex works better than a straight drop-set because you train all of the muscles around the shoulder joint instead of just targeting one smaller group like if you were to do a drop-set on the Dumbbell side raise. Integrating the isometric holds adds an element of mental toughness – make sure you keep good form with the isometric holds, keeping your shoulders down away from your ears and shoulder blades down and back.

What you’re training here is the local anaerobic lactic energy system. Check out my article on the different MMA Workouts for the anaerobic lactic energy system.that will give you tons of gas in the tank.

Eric Wong , BSc, CSCS, is a MMA Performance Coach based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He helps athletes develop explosive power and never-ending cardio and through innovative and efficient training programs. Learn the Top 5 Conditioning Mistakes by MMA Fighters by clicking to get his Free Report