Think you have what it takes to train with the big boys? Try keeping pace with UFC, WEC and TKO veteran Mark Hominick as he prepares for his fight against Savant Young at the Affliction Banned event July 19th at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

As an exclusive to, Mark is documenting his daily training regimen leading up to the big night. Follow along and you’ll get a true sense of the dedication and commitment these professionals put into their training. Good luck Mark – we’ll be there in Anaheim.

Week Two

Saturday, July 5

I knew I had already had a big week of training but I wanted to finish off on a strong note. I had Adam Higson come down today (who is arguably the best Thai Boxer in Canada at 155lbs) for some sparring. I had fought with him on the same card in Japan and have kept a great friendship and training relationship with him since the fight. We started with 3 x 5 minutes of cavemans before we got in a hard, intense 6 x 5 minutes rounds of sparring. It was one of those days that I just felt “on” and was very happy with my performance. I can really feel that I am slowly beginning to peak which is right on schedule, since I have another hard week of training before I taper down.

Tonight I am going to relax and enjoy the fights, which I am really looking forward to. Although Quinton is going to be hard to beat at 205 in a cage, I believe Forrest’s work ethic and toughness may give Quinton problems in the later rounds. Since I have trained with Forrest at Xtreme Couture in the past I would love to see him earn the respect he deserves.

Friday, July 4

I knew I needed a big day at the gym today and came in with the mentality that I was going to really push it in sparring. We had a very strong group of guys down at Team Tompkins today from the surrounding area, which was great since training with new guys really push you to react like a fight. After 3 rounds of cavemans, we got into an intense 5X5 minutes of MMA sparring with small gloves. My conditioning and technique felt strong and I was happy with my performance. Since we went hard in sparring we did 3X5 minutes of technical drilling to finish off. One more day until the day of rest, which is always welcomed.

Thursday, July 3


Back in Toronto at Xtreme Couture today with coach Nick and the boys and this morning’s practice was intense. There were about 15 pro fighters in the practice so there were a lot of guys to work with. We did our warm up and got right into drilling a lot of techniques from the clinch working takedowns, defense, and striking from there. I am really beginning to feel comfortable with some of the higher caliber wrestlers. After the drilling we got into 6 x 5 minutes of hard situation drills and fighting for the takedown. I am feeling strong and beginning to get really excited for the fight.


If I work hard wrestling in one of the sessions for the day I normally focus on drilling less contact and more strength and conditioning. I did a hard 4 mile run with interval sprints within the run, and finished with hills. After the run I worked on some light lifting on upper body and then some stretching. This will be my last week of weights before the fight, when I slowly start to cut my weight down.

Wednesday, July 2


I walked into training this morning with a focus on technique and drilling. I did the Bas Rutten workout to warm up, which consists of 7 rounds of shadow boxing and sprawling. This workout is great for conditioning and muscle memory to react to whatever combination is called in the CD, which is very similar to the fight where your corner is calling out combinations and you react and throw the specific combination.

After the CD I did some situational grappling rounds where I continually work on specific ground poistions and submission in repetition for 6 x 5 minute rounds. I was feeling pretty well today since I have been really drilling my wrestling hard. It was nice to slow down the pace and concentrate on Jiu Jitsu.

For now I am going to get some rest before I head back in for tonights session.


Mentally, the training camp is starting to get tougher since I have less than 2 weeks left of hard training and have already gone through 5-6 weeks. This is the point where I am pushing myself in every workout to stay physically and mentally strong and focused. Tonight I worked on shadow boxing to warm up and then got in 5 x 5 minutes hard rounds of Thai Pads – which went well – followed by 5 x 5 minutes of hard submission grappling work with my teammate Chris Horodecki. I was focused on attacking submissions more aggressively and finishing once again. After the rolling, I jumped into the wrestling practice and finished off with 3 rounds of matches fighting for the takedown and top control. I felt the training went well and I was really pushing hard but I am feel the need for a bit of relaxation and ice to bring my body back to normal.

Looking forward to training with coach Nick at Xtreme Couture in the morning.

Tuesday, July 1


Very excited today at the gym because I knew that was covering my training at Xtreme Couture. Coach Nick put us through a great pro session with a hard conditioning and drilling for Greco and then followed by live hard hards of 5 mins fighting for the takedown. I am really noticing a difference in my attacks and defense from working with some of the best Canada has to offer in wrestling. Mentality is very strong for me right now and I am focused on winning this fight.


Since Sherdog was there covering my training for the day I didn’t get as long of a break in between workouts but still pushed myself hard in the workout. I did 3X 5mins rounds of high intensity Thai pad work, which I felt great on and then did some treadmill work and hills afterword. It was nice to finish early today since it is Canada Day and look forward to having the evening to just chill with the family. The closer the fight gets, the more excited I am getting.

Monday, June 30


Came in today pumped and ready to go since I knew a few fighters from other gyms were coming in to train this morning.

I feel it is important to work with a solid group of guys but also change it up sometimes to shake thingss up. If you are training with the same guys all the time you to know their game and there are therefore not as many surprises. With a fresh look at new training partners it keeps you guessing like in a fight. We had some solid grapplers come down today, a couple nationally ranked wrestlers, as well as brown belts in BJJ. We warmed up and then got into 3 rounds of cavemans. Today we did tire flips, body weight pull ups, step ups, box jumps and sit ups. We did 3 x 5mins. After that we performed 6 x 5 mins rounds of small gloves sparring which was great, since the guys were great grapplers. I felt I needed to get a little payback to some of them, so we got in three more rounds of just boxing sparring with the big gloves. I am beginning to feel as though I am in great shape and just focusing on pushing myself daily to prepare.


Since today is a holiday for most, the gym was empty for classes, so I brought in a couple of the fighters to hold the Thai Pads for me. Like I said before, I love doing the pad work because of the intensity. After 5 x 5 rounds I finished on the ground and pound bag for 3 rounds and did some stretching before I left.