The countdown to Affliction: Banned! begins

Think you have what it takes to train with the big boys? Try keeping pace with UFC, WEC and TKO veteran Mark Hominick as he prepares for his fight against Savant Young at the Affliction Banned event July 19th at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

As an exclusive to, Mark is documenting his daily training regimen leading up to the big night. Follow along and you’ll get a true sense of the dedication and commitment these professionals put into their training. Good luck Mark – we’ll be there in Anaheim.

Week One

Training has been going very well. I am really in the midst of the hard work within the last month of training before the fight. Right now my focus is on overall body conditioning and as much sparring and live grappling as I can get with injury prevention and overtraining under consideration.
Right now I have been sparring approximately 3 times a week, and doing live grappling with strikes in between. Image of Hominick's upcoming opponent, Savant Young My schedule for fight training consists of a 6 day work week with two 2-hour practices a day with Sundays off. I try to tailor my training camps around my opponent, and since I am fighting Savant Young there is specific drilling that I focus on to prepare. Savant is a shorter, very powerful boxer with decent stand up and powerful takedowns, so my training tailors around using my reach and takedown defense. Upcoming to the fight on July 19 with Affliction I will keeping a weekly blog to keep everyone up to date with my training and mentality going in the fight. Thanks for the support.

Saturday, June 28

On Saturdays I focus on whatever I feel I may have missed in the week or that which I want to fine tune. I had done a lot of wrestling and stand up sparring this week so I wanted to have the entire training session today focused around Jiu Jitsu. We came in and after a brief warm up got right into it, getting in 10 x 5 minute rounds of live grappling. I felt fairly strong considering the amount of work I had put in all week and was trying to finish within every round. After training, the guys all went out for Thai food and just hung out, which is great at the end of the week. Tonight I am going to rewatch some of Savants fight tapes and am looking forward to having tomorrow off, where I may go to the beach if it is nice out.

Friday, June 27


I came in this morning a little run down from all the traveling back and fourth from Toronto but knew I needed a big day of sparring to end the week on a strong note. After a few rounds of skipping we did 3 x 5 minute rounds of shadow boxing to lead into the big glove sparring. Today we did shark tank sparring where a fresh guy is on you every 30 seconds, which is an absolutely grueling drill especially with guys like Chris Horodecki always pushing you in the ring. I felt strong and got 5 x 5 minutes of shark tank today with the last 2 rounds being my strongest, which is always pleasing. I am feeling ready for one more day of work this week before my much looked forward to day off on Sunday.


With all of the sparring done in the morning I stuck to conditioning this afternoon with an outdoor run of 4 miles and a good half hour of stretching. I am beginning to get in great fight shape and can hardly wait for the 19th!

Thursday, June 26


Back at Xtreme Couture today, very pumped to be back here this morning. I love the intensity that coach Nick Johnson brings to the practice. He wrestled for Romania, Norway, and Canada in Greco and placed 2nd at the worlds, so I really take in everything that he drills. We really worked a lot on takedown and takedown defense off the cage and ropes, so everyone was drained after the 2 hour practice. There is a really strong group of guys here to work with, so I am improving daily.


After the morning practice my shoulders were really drained from all of the takedown attempts and defense, so my focus in the training was around straight conditioning. I ran 4 miles, biked 8, and did 20 minutes worth of hill climbs. I really like to condition my legs, because in a fight if your legs have juice left in them, you can always can keep going no matter what your body may try to tell you.

Wednesday, June 25


This morning I came in with a little less steam since we got back from training in Toronto late last night. Fortunately, after the first of 5 rounds of cavemans I really got into it. We did the same stations as Monday with tire flips, sledge hammers, box jumps, and added trunk rotations with a 45lb plate and cable shots. After the cavemans we finished with straight Jiu Jitsu rounds, 5 rounds of 5 minutes alternating every round with new guys. My grappling transitions and overall game has improved greatly and feel ready to show Savant some trouble if we hit the mat in the fight.


Tonight I came in ready to get right into work and banged out 5 rounds of 5 minutes on the Thai Pads. I really love doing pad work because you can completely let loose and let your strikes go 100%, just like in a fight. After the Thai pads I jumped in with the wrestling class, which is taught by the University of Western assistant coach Scott Proctor. All in all it was a good day, but need some rest since I head back to Toronto Xtreme Couture in the morning for pro practice with Nick and Dave, which is always intense.

Tuesday, June 24

Today I am training at Xtreme Couture in Toronto to work with the pro training group under GSP’s old Greco coach and the Canadian national freestlye coach. The coach’s were really stressing takedowns and takedown defence and the practice this morning, which was grueling. We did a lot of shark tank drills where one person stays in the center of the ring for the entire round and a new guy comes every minute trying to get the takedown. The practice was 2 hours and was a great training session.

Since the morning workout was focused on hard grappling, this afternoon I was focused on the stand up and conditioning. I started with a 5 mile run followed by 8X5 mins of shadown boxing, heavy bag, ground and pound, and Thai pads. Normally if I have a hard morning workout focused on grappling I like to eliminate any contact in the evening workout to ensure I don’t overdue my shoulders from the wear and tear associated with it. I felt really good today and hungry to get back in the gym tomorrow

Monday, June 23


I came into the gym today focused on having a strong week, and was very motivated as soon as I opened the bay doors to the gym. Today I am training at the Team Tompkins gym in London Ontario and met up with 4 of the other pro fighters here with the focus on Strength and Conditioning and small glove sparring. It is always important to have a strong group of guys that push you in your workouts and ensure you are prepared for the fight. This morning we warmed up with 10 minutes of skipping and got right into our caveman drills conditioning stations that consist of 5 X 5 min rounds with 1 min at each station and 30 second breaks in between rounds. Today our stations were tire flips (250lb tire), sledge hammer swings into the tire, chin ups, box jumps on 2 foot platform, and rope climbs. These drills build overall body conditioning, power, and explosiveness. After the station drills I had the guys alternate every round for 5X5mins of small glove sparring with takedowns and submissions with light strikes.
Since we had the small 4 oz gloves strikes were thrown at about 60% to ensure I don’t get cut before the fight, and to prevent injury. By having a fresh guy on me every round, it really pushes me to match their pace and ensure I don’t slack off at all. After the workout, I felt very strong and had the feeling of a good workout.


Tonight I was at the Tompkins gym once again and took part in the Muay Thai class, which consist of Pad work and stand up technique and drilling. Pad work is very important in striking conditioning, as well as timing and drilling specific combinations for the fight. Afte the pad work I was put in the ring and got 5X5mins rounds of big glove sparring with some of the fighters. I felt crisp tonight in the ring and had the feeling that all the training thus far has been paying off. After the sparring I worked on some grappling situations and more technical drilling on the mat.