The countdown to TKO 35 begins

Think you have what it takes to train with the big boys? Try keeping pace with UFC, WEC and TKO veteran Mark Hominick as he prepares for his fight against JC Pennington at TKO 35 on October 3rd.

As an exclusive to, Mark is documenting his daily training regimen leading up to the big night. Follow along and you’ll get a true sense of the dedication and commitment these professionals put into their training. Good luck Mark.

Entry Eight

Thursday, September 11


Back in Toronto at Xtreme Couture and went into the training session knowing that it was a sparring day. We began with our traditional 30 minute warm up of running, sprints, and conditioning. After that we had a good group of sparring partners and each did 3 X 5mins of shark tank with a fresh opponent every round. In total we all got 6 rounds of 5 mins of sparring which I felt great throughout, and did not get taken down the entire time. My wrestling training has really been paying and I feel comfortable both standing and on the ground. We finished the training with 3X5mins of heavy bag work.


I was a little rushed for the training in the evening since I had to do some promotional interviews for the fight. I did 25 mins of treadmill work starting at speed 6 and every minute going up a mile until speed 10, then repeating for 25 mins.

Friday, September 12

Back in London at the Adrenaline Training center and feeling hungry as I entered the gym. We started with 15mins of conditioning followed by 5×5 mins of clinch drilling both offence and defense. After the drilling we did 3x5mins of sparring with takedowns. I scored more takedowns than striking, so I have to incorporate more Thai Pad work to get my timing and striking game up.

Saturday, September 13

After the long week of training and preparing for the opening of the gym on Monday, I came in needing a burst of energy. We started with 10 minutes of warm up to get into the training session which worked. We did 5X5mins of caveman stations of core twists, step ups, sledge hammers, chin ups and treadmill sprint. I was happy with my output this week and feel that I am on track for the fight in 3 weeks.


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