The countdown to TKO 35 begins

Think you have what it takes to train with the big boys? Try keeping pace with UFC, WEC and TKO veteran Mark Hominick as he prepares for his fight against JC Pennington at TKO 35 on October 3rd.

As an exclusive to, Mark is documenting his daily training regimen leading up to the big night. Follow along and you’ll get a true sense of the dedication and commitment these professionals put into their training. Good luck Mark.

Entry Nine

Monday, September 15


Came in for the first official training day at Adrenaline Training Center and felt the energy of the gym. We began with 5X5 mins of cavemans with core twists, step ups, treadmill hill climbs, tire flips and box jumps. My legs are really feeling strong which is great for the fight. After the cavemans we did the BJJ class with Rowan and finished off with 4X5mins of live grappling. My technique is coming together but I still need to incorporate a lot more MMA style drilling in with the BJJ. The only set back with the training today was that I bumped heads while I was grappling and ended having to get a couple of stitches in my chin, which is fine for my fight but annoying for training and sparring. So I will probably lay up on the sparring for the next 4 days.


We began with our 30 mins conditioning and drilling of sprints, jumps, ect which is always great for builing endurance. After the warm up we got into some stand up technique with partners and each did 5X5mins of Thai Pad work with ground in pound every other round.

Tuesday, September 16

Since my chin was cut from rolling on Monday I had to be careful in certain situations. I began the day with a 30 minute run followed by BJJ training. We drilled getting up from the bottom and back escapes, which is a must for me since I have had problems in the past with the position. After the technique we did 4X5mins of live grappling. I still felt that I need more work so I finished off the training with 4X5 mins of Thai Pad work and ground and pound.


We started the training with 15 minutes of the warm up with sprints, jumps etc. After the warm up we all did 3X5mins of full intensity shadow boxing with 1 minute intervals of pummeling with a partner throughout the round. This drill is great because it teaches your body to be able to adapt to wrestling as well as punching. We then got into partners and did 3X5minutes light contact drilling back and fourth with full sparring gear making light contact but back and fourth like a drill. We finished off the training with 2X5mins of full contact sparring to the body, since I was worried my cut would open with sparring with head contact. Although it is adapted, it is still good to condition the body and work combinations.


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