The countdown to TKO 35 begins

Think you have what it takes to train with the big boys? Try keeping pace with UFC, WEC and TKO veteran Mark Hominick as he prepares for his fight against WEC veteran Tommy Lee at TKO 35 on October 3rd.

As an exclusive to, Mark is documenting his daily training regimen leading up to the big night. Follow along and you’ll get a true sense of the dedication and commitment these professionals put into their training. Good luck Mark.

Entry One

As many of you know I am fighting October 3rd in TKO in a rematch with Tommy Lee, a fighter who I had previously lost to years ago. I am really thrilled to finally get the opportunity to avenge this loss, since it has been on my mind for a while now. Tommy was a State Champion in wrestling in Illinois back in the day and has spent much of his training time with UFC veteran Clay Guida. With his MMA game, he is one dimensional in my opinion and I look forward to showing a complete game on the 3rd. Since a win will put me back in line for a title shot with the organization, I want to solidify my spot with a convincing win.

Tuesday, August 26


Today I was in Toronto training at Xtreme Couture with coach Nick Johnson. We had great chemistry for my last fight with Affliction so we plan on carrying on the momentum with this camp, keep improving and climbing to the top. We started with 20 minutes of conditioning followed by 30 minutes of drilling takedowns from the clinch and leg defense for leg shots. This will be a major focus of the camp since Tommy shoots leg attacks everytime. After drilling we got into takedown matches of 1 minutes with a partner and followed with 3 X 5 minutes of sparring with takedowns. We finished the training with 3 x 5 minutes of ground and pound with a partner, where the top guy tries to control and strike and the bottom guy tries to sweep, submit and get back to the feet. I have been training hard for almost two weeks now, so I am prepared to put in the hard work to ensure victory on the 3rd.


Since the morning training was focused was based around contact and sparring, my afternoon workout was focused around strength and conditioning. I started out with a 4 mile run followed by 15 minutes on the bike. It is essential that I condition my legs this far out, so I am ready for a 3 round war. After the running and biking, I finished off with some chest and back exercises geared toward explosive movements as opposed to a body builders workout, which is more related to movements used in a fight.


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