The countdown to TKO 35 begins

Think you have what it takes to train with the big boys? Try keeping pace with UFC, WEC and TKO veteran Mark Hominick as he prepares for his fight against WEC veteran Tommy Lee at TKO 35 on October 3rd.

As an exclusive to, Mark is documenting his daily training regimen leading up to the big night. Follow along and you’ll get a true sense of the dedication and commitment these professionals put into their training. Good luck Mark.

Entry Two

Thursday, August 28


Back here at Xtreme Couture again today and had a great session this morning. We started with 30 minutes if wrestling conditioning followed by 30 minutes of drilling. We focused on leg attacks once again since this is going to be the major focus in the fight, not just for defense but if I get the opportunity to put Tommy on his back I believe that I can do damage from on top. After the technical drilling we fought 1 minute rounds with new partners fighting for takedowns. I worked a lot with TKO 135lbs champion, who is also a Commenwealth games Champion in freestlye wrestling which is great for improvement working with a great wrestler. We finished the wrestling part of training with 3 rounds of 5 minutes of shark tank, where one guy stays in the center for the entire 5 minutes with a fresh opponent every minute which is grueling. We finished up the training with 3 X 5 minutes of straight submission grappling. I felt strong in training but understand that I need to pick it up since we are getting to be 5 weeks out come this weekend.


This afternoon the focus was around conditioning and bag work. I started with a 4 mile run to really condition my legs, followed by 15 minutes on the bike. After the road work I hit the heavy bags and ground and pound dummies. I did 3 X 5 minutes of both with full intensity. My timining was a bit off, but just need more pad work to ensure I am sharp.


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