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I grew up in Central Oregon and moved to North Carolina in 1995 to go to college.

My senior year at college, we had a new wrestling coach, and the team was plagued with injuries, so the coach ask me to design the team’s S&C program. It was nothing super elaborate, but from that point on, they had no further injuries. (And this was a big deal, as
the team was using another approach, that worked somewhat at first simply because athletes had simply done no real training. They were getting gains due to being training newbies and being consistent.

Around this time I saw UFC 8, and became hooked. I dedicated myself (in my free time) to trying out methods to help MMAists with their S&C training, as at the time, most fighters still had to work full-time jobs, in addition to all their skills training. They didn’t have time for a bunch of S&C work. Yet, MMA is one of the most demanding in terms of physical prowess.

I started my own site – I’ve been a moderator over the S&C board since then, and have written articles for MMA Weekly (on and off) since then as well. Have had articles published at,,, and

In all, I’ve written two books, a manual, a 12-week program, and my 6, 8-week programs. I have also written over 50 articles. I have helped people achieve top level conditioning literally all over the world.

“I’m a regular guy.”

Sure am. What do I mean by “regular guy?” I mean that you and I are a lot alike. I work for a living. I’ve had 40 hour/week jobs, worked rotating shifts, and even went to Iraq twice (13 mos. in Basrah – ’05-’06, and 10 months in Diwaniyah – ’07-’08) supporting the troops. I’ve gone to school at night. I’ve got a daughter (age 8) and two step-sons (ages 13 and 15). I’ve got three dogs, a mortgage on the house, and a car payment to make. I watch American football. I’ve just started to watch hockey. I’m keenly interested in boxing and mixed martial arts.

I’ve busted my hump the past 15+ years training. I lifted weights, I’ve done bodyweight calisthenics, I’ve ran miles on end, I’ve sprinted, I’ve played sports, I’ve used supplements…you name it, I’ve probably done it – twice or maybe even three times.

The result of all my training and experimentation is simple – I know what works.

Strength training, conditioning, and fitness can be pretty overwhelming when you consider everything that’s out there. And of course, every time you turn around, not only is there somebody new coming along with the next “God’s gift to fitness,” but also claiming that only what they are pushing “works” and everything else is inferior. Then, in an effort to figure out who is telling the truth and who isn’t, you turn to actual research and scientific studies, only to find that half of them say one thing, and the other half say something else (depending on who funded that particular study).

That’s where I come in. I’ve done everything you’ve seen, probably wondered what you wondered, and found out the truth for myself – by sweating it out. Through years of experience, I can tell you what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly – what is realistic for the “regular guy.”

I’ve seen some pretty damn good training routines out there. Of course, unless you’re a professional athlete that does nothing but train and recover all day, it won’t do BEANS for you, but IT WORKS, right? Yeah, sure it does. Listen folks, I’m here to save you time. I’ve put in all the trial and error so you don’t have to. Let me tell you what works and what doesn’t. Let me save you that 16+ years I spent doing all the work.

Now let me tell you this – it won’t be easy. But, then again, nothing worth having ever is. It will take hard work, motivation, and dedication. There are no free rides here, so don’t expect one from me. I won’t give you some gizmo or gadget, and tell you that you can not work hard and attain results – because that would be a load of crap. What I will give you is solid training advice, tips, and products that will lead you on your way to the best shape and condition of your life.

While it won’t be easy, know that I ask NOTHING of you that I don’t ask of myself. I ask you to work hard, because I work hard. I ask for your dedication, because I am dedicated. I ask you not to half-ass your training, because I sure as hell don’t half-ass mine. It may seem harsh, but combine your hard work, dedication, and motivation with my guidance, and soon you’ll be transforming your body, turning it into a lean, strong, muscular machine and making the best physical progress you’ve ever made.

“But why should I listen to you?”

As far as accomplishments go, I think I fare pretty well. I’m no Olympic athlete, but I’m stronger and in better shape than many (if not most) of my peers. I can put 100 lbs. overhead with one hand. I can do 25+ Chins. I can do 130+ Push-Ups without stopping. In shape, I am only about 7%-8% bodyfat. I can run a mile in just under seven minutes. I can do 50 Jumping Squats (knees pulled to between stomach and nipples) in under a minute.

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard-
Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins