If you are looking to start training in MMA or are an experienced veteran of the gym you know that you will need an MMA mouthguard in order to perform at your best. You can buy all the mma gear in the world, but without a mouthgard your teeth will never be safe. Simply put, a mouthguard protects your teeth from damage and mitigates the risk of concussion in the head. Most gyms won’t let you spar without a mouth guard. We wanted to walk you through some mouthguard options and where you can pick up the best in mouth gear.

Shock Doctor Mouthguard

This mouthguard is very inexpensive. So if you are looking for something at a low cost the Shock Doctor mouthguard is perfect for you. There are a few options with the Shock mouthguard and because of the lower price the comfort and shape of the mouthguard is not the best and may irritate your teeth. You can pick up this mouthguard for as low as $10 and is recommended for anyone on a budget.

Fight Dentist Custom Made Mouthguard

This is one of the most expensive MMA mouthguards on the market but also one of the best MMA mouthguards out there. The price can be over $150 per mouthguard, but has a soft feel in your mouth and is one of the safest mouthguards in the industry. If you a serious athlete or fighter this would be the mouthguard for you.

Tapout mouthguard

Pricing for the Tapout MMA mouthguard is in between the other two choices. The tapout mouthguard has a soft feel and you can buy this product as low as $14. If you are looking for a quality mouthguard at a good price, this is the one.

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