So what is real MMA Training all about?

You’ve watched these guys go three rounds solid and still seem like they have enough gas left in the tank to race past Seabiscuit. How? Simple – insane training discipline and routines. We checked in with TKO contender Jeff Harrison three weeks before his upcoming bout against Tim Wadsworth to find out what it’s like being a professional fighter. Looking to drop 20 pounds in three weeks to make weight, while improving on his striking and ground game, Jeff often follows a training program much like the one described below. Try it out and see if you have what it takes.

Day 1

15 minutes skipping
15 minutes shadow boxing
3×5 minutes bag work
3 laps shrimping
2 minutes upa
Table top drill 10/side
Mount escapes 5 minutes
Side mount escapes 5 minutes
Guard passing 5 minutes
Roll until exhaustion

Shadow boxing warm up
Hand pads 3X5 minutes
Ju Jitsu 2 hours

Day 2

Early run 10km
15 minutes light shadow boxing
5 set of 50 pushups
5 sets of wall pushups
50 Sand bag muscle ups
50 sand bag raises
50 sand bag curls
5 sets of 50 bunny hops
Sprawl w/ medicine ball until exhaustion
10 minute abs set

15 minutes skipping
3×5 minutes hard thai pads
MMA class/sparring
Late night run

Day 3

30 minutes Take downs/ Take down defense
Arm bars and defense
Triangles and defense
5 minutes Mount escapes
5 minutes side mount escapes
Roll jiu jitsu

Gi Jiu Jitsu class
3×5 minutes on bag
Late night run

Day 4

15 minutes skipping
Track 2 bas rutten on bag
3×5 minute ground and pound
1 minute suicide
1 minute medicine ball pushups
1 minute medicine ball burpees
1 minute sprawl and brawl
1 minute explosive ball jumps
1 minute hip outs
1 minute stand ups
1 minute cage walks
1 minute burpees
1 minute pushups

Mma class/sparring

Day 5 – Off


Article courtesy of MAS Thai Academy