Hardcore training from an MMA pro

Follow along as MMATraining.com’s Jeff Harrison documents his training program from his home base at MAS Thai in Cambridge Ontario to Renzo Gracie – Ottawa. From BJJ, wrestling, muay thai, core strength and cardio training, Jeff’s daily workouts are here to give our subscribers a taste of what it is like in the life of a fighter rising up the professional MMA ranks.

Week One


I woke up at around 10am this morning, and was at Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa for BJJ class at 12. Today we focused on escapes and fundementals, and finished with some hard positional training. After I went sprinting at a school track. I like sprinting for building explosive legs and boosting recovery time. My partner in training right now is Mark Holst, who is preparing for a Muay Thai fight and coming fresh off a Knock out win over Mark Beecher( Forrest Griffin and Ultimate fighter Thai coach) in XFA, and recently won an MMA title as well. We did 15 100m sprints and a few 400 m sprints.

At Night I sparred 8 rounds of Muay Thai, followed by a vicious kettle bell workout. A Kettle bell workout with the right trainer is a gruelling task. All in all a good Monday.


More Jiu Jitsu. This morning we worked on a few advanced Gi sweeps, followed by our regular positional training and drills. I felt very strong today and I can feel my sensitivity and timing on the ground growing. Mark and I went sprinting again at around 1 oclock. Same quantity as yesterday. At 5:30 I took part in live grappling sparring with the gi on for one hour. Followed by MMA sparring with 16 ounce gloves on. I was a bit disappointed in my performance in MMA, but I was pretty gassed out from the day’s events.


Same stuff different day today. Took part in Noon Jiu Jitsu class. We went over a few different armlocks. It was a good class.. At one Mark and I got into some technical Muay Thai sparring. His boxing is very very sharp so I enjoy working with him. We did an excessive core training set after sparring. Later in the evening at 7:00 I did another Jiu Jitsu class that again focused on positional training. Pat Cooligan, the head instructor here at Team Renzo Gracie, and the only Renzo Gracie black belt in Canada, believes strong positional basics are key for me, and I trust his guidance completely. I got to try some of the tricks I’ve been learning in grappling sparring, and then finished off the day with 8 rounds of Thai sparring.


I feel great today from all the sprints I’ve got to do this week. At noon I again worked on Jiu Jitsu, The focus was guillotine chokes and defense.. I learned a lot. Mark and I went out and did some more sprinting at the track.. It was really hot and tough to work at 100%. At 5:30 I did an hour of live rolling with some experienced grapplers. All in all I felt pretty good about my performance today. I then taught some Thai classes. I like teaching because it helps me to understand the techniques even better. I believe it is one of the best ways to drill combinations, and techniques into your head. Teach them.. Explain them.. Understand them.


At noon I did a BJJ class again with focus being on escapes and positions. After we went for a 7km run. Later in the evening I took part in an hour of No gi grappling. I felt fast and slick.. Very happy with tonight’s preformance. After I did a wrestling class. I know I have to beef up my takedowns and takedown defense so in the coming weeks I will be focusing on these areas.