Follow along as’s Jeff Harrison documents his training program from his home base at MAS Thai in Cambridge Ontario to Renzo Gracie – Ottawa. From BJJ, wrestling, muay thai, core strength and cardio training, Jeff’s daily workouts are here to give our subscribers a taste of what it is like in the life of a fighter rising up the professional MMA ranks.

Week Three


This week I am going to haave to cut out some of my grappling due to a minor nagging injury, But that’s alright I will work around it and focus on technique and conditioning work. I took part in a BJJ session at 12 and worked on an amazing little variation of an armbar – I like it and can’t wait to try it out in sparring. After that it was positional training at about half speed to avoid injury. At night I did two hours of Thaiboxing training, followed by a light kettlebell workout.


Today I started with some striking work. I worked pads, clinching, and some drilled combos and techniques. After I was off to a ski hill to work on building my legs and my cardio. I did the full hill 5 times followed by a 5 km run. At night I did 7 rounds of 5 minutes MMA sparring with 16 oz gloves on. I worked on avoiding takedown and my take down defense techniques and my striking on the outside. Hands felt fast and sharp and all in all was a good session that didn’t see me on my back very often.


The injury feeling better. I hate the thought of wasting a week and missing out on hard training, but sometimes all you can do is rest. I kept it to a dull roar today. I did some sprints and a challenging awesome pylometric routine in the day, with some light Thai sparring at night.


I got up for a run this morning followed by a great stretch. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class went very well. I felt rested, and my position work was bang on today. I hit a lot of submissions and felt strong. In MMA class we went to work with a warm up followed 5×5 minutes of sparring followed by a grueling conditioning workout. I felt good today and thank the day of rest yesterday. Still I don’t want to overdo it so I will take the rest of the weekend to stretch, ice, relax and catch up on sleep. Makes for a short blod but what can you do? Maybe some light running. I’ll be back stronger than ever on Monday. Fights are coming up fast and winning is the only option.