Follow along as’s Jeff Harrison documents his training program from his home base at MAS Thai in Cambridge Ontario to Renzo Gracie – Ottawa. From BJJ, wrestling, muay thai, core strength and cardio training, Jeff’s daily workouts are here to give our subscribers a taste of what it is like in the life of a fighter rising up the professional MMA ranks.

Week Five


My trainer, Chris Kew from MAS Thai boxing came up to finish off Mark Holst’s camp today. He had me put it on Mark in the Thai clinch to help prepare him for his upcoming tournament. After warm up, we did 5 rounds of 4 minutes clinch with knees. After this I got into some wrestling with a high level university wrestler with a world of experience in that sport, as well as head instructor Matt Hache. Matt is a SICK grappler, with a brown belt under Pat Cooligan and Renzo Gracie. We worked on my shot and some different defenses and incorporated the techniques into live takedown sparring.

After getting manhandled by Matt and this 240 lbs wrestler, we did 3x 5 minutes rounds on the ground, followed by striking drills and conditioning.

At night I jumped into some Gi Jiu Jitsu for position training and drills. After this I did 6 rounds of Thai sparring, followed by a long run.


Once again, the day started off with a grueling clinch workout. My Thai clinch, although I don’t get to work it as much as I want to, is the tightest part of my Muay Thai game, and I always feel extremely confident and comfortable there. We did 5 rounds again. Great workout.

After that it was MMA… We worked on Guillotines and defense for the technique portion. Then I did takedowns with a wrestler, No Gi with a Jiu Jitsu guy, and Stand up with some solid training partners. After that, we did rounds on the Thai Pads to reinforce footwork and basic combinations.

Night time brought some a gi jiu jitsu class that focused on guard passing. After that it was MMA sparring, where I did 6x 5 minute rounds with 16 oz gloves.


Today I started the training day off at 12 with a Jiu Jitsu class. We worked on positions, and arm bar defense, followed by some live sparring.

After we got into wrestling again and worked on a shoot that switched into an ankle pick. I liked this technique and felt it would work well for me. After that I lead a striking portion of the class that had us drilling out repetitions of the fundamentals and working up a sweat on the pads.

At night I went to run some sprints at the track. I did 5x 400 meter at one hundred percent with 20 seconds break in between. The longer sprints really force your body to have optimal recovery time. After that I stretched out my tight legs before sparring 6 rounds of Thai.


I have been developing a nasty cauliflower on the only place where I don’t have it, the inside of my ear. It’s driving me crazy… for the lucky people who have never had them, it’s one of the worst pains you can imagine. Damn. I started the day off with some wrestling work. We drilled for about 30 minutes and then got into some MMA ground sparring with strikes followed by some footwork drills as well as some Jiu Jitsu drills.

Conditioning consisted of Kettle bell farmer carries, plyometrics, and wrestling calisthenics.

At night I had to teach Thai boxing, and Thai fight team. But made up for the lack of training with 20x 100 meters sprints.


I started the day off at noon with a no gi jiu jitsu class. It was a great class that focused on ways to control your opponent from top position. Of course we trained escapes, positions, and guard passing as well.

At night there was No Gi randori, and I trained extremely hard in this class. Felt great! Except my bulging blood filled ear of course… hit a lot of techniques and my cardio is getting pretty awesome. After this I taught a Thai advanced class, then took the fight team running. We went to the track and crushed some sprints,bear crawl sprints, plyometrics etc.


Today at the academy there are only a few classes. At 11:00 I did a No Gi jiu jitsu class that focused on take downs followed by hard training. After that I took part in a Gi Jiu jitsu class that had us working on some advanced spinning chokes, and other neat tricks. Also we trained escapes from all positions. It was a good workout for sure. At night I did a 10km run.