The biggest market in the entire United States cannot legally have MMA fights. It’s crazy to think that the most historic building of all time cannot house a UFC event, but a 20 minute subway ride up the road to New Jersey can. While the New York law makers have killed the momentum of having MMA fights in the state, the quality of MMA training and MMA gyms in New York is growing at a faced pace.

Some of the best MMA talent in the world has come from New York and some of the best MMA fighters go to New York for their training. Some of the best gyms in the state are outlined in details our our New York MMA Gym listing.

Too bad MMA isn’t legal in the State of New York, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a hotbed for New York MMA Gyms. Another great resource for New York MMA Gyms is at – who has a different set of gyms in their directory.