Image of the Pit Workout DVD set In our ongoing serious of MMA Product reviews took on the task of learning from the long time trainer of Chuck Liddell, John Hackelman as we review “The Pit workout“. This is a 6 pack of DVDs for the price of one and Part 1 we will look at the leg work out. One of the best training DVD on the market, this workout left me exhausted and beaten, but finished wanting more.

In the first part of our review we took part in “The Pit” leg workout on DVD. These workouts allow you to participate with or without equipment. This means you can do the workout in your gym, your home gym or just in a T shirt bedroom at home. This is pretty important, since very often you will open a DVD and find out that you need to spend a significant amount of dollars just to participate. And to be able to roll out of bed and put this workout on is vital for anyone who has a busy schedule.

John stresses right from the start that you should go at your own pace when doing these drills. This is important since most of us aren’t pro fighters and a slower pace to start is always welcome. John lead me through a serious of anaerobic stretches and despite being a gym rat myself, many were stretches I had never seen before.

Then the fun stuff. John would demonstrate an exercise for your legs that involved explosive power and cardiovascular endurance. Hackelman explains the importance of each exercises not only for a fight, but for your overall fitness. It’s very easy to follow his instructions as he breaks down what muscles are being worked and how.

The leg drills involve a lot of kicking exercises for striking and a large number of different leg exercise – again a large number I had never seen before which was great. Some of it was timed and some of it counted out by rep. John does this all for you, so all you have to worry about is actually doing it. By the time it was over I was sweating buckets and a 55 minute leg workout out from Hackelman is exhausting.
It was one of the more challenging leg workouts I’ve done and this is a must view for anyone who trains in Martial Arts or who simply wants to keep up with their fitness. You certainly don’t have to be a fighter to do this workout. You can push yourself at any pace you want and it quickly becomes very challenging the harder you push it.

I would recommend this video to anyone and I can’t wait to try the other 5 DVDS. But first I need to let my body heal from today.

Check back for the next part in our serious of “The Pit” workout review.