The countdown to Affliction: Banned! is on

Think you have what it takes to train with the big boys? Try keeping pace with UFC, WEC and TKO veteran Mark Hominick as he prepares for his fight against Savant Young at the Affliction Banned event this Saturday (July 19th) at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

As an exclusive to, Mark is documenting his daily training regimen leading up to the big night. Follow along and you’ll get a true sense of the dedication and commitment these professionals put into their training. Good luck Mark – we’ll see you in Anaheim this weekend.

Week Four: The Final Push


Today I had to get up a 6am to finish up medicals, which was a bit of a pain since I had already done them in Canada but the California Athletic Commision would not accept forms done by Canadian doctors for some reason. Nevertheless, I cruised around with Fedor’s brother all morning getting meds done which was an experience. He was pretty interesting guy but very nice, an example is when he gave me his hat as a gift. After the meds we had a huge press conference in LA where all the media outlets where in attendance. Again, it reminded me that I am a part of history and something truly special. We worked out at LA Boxing and did 3X5mins of Thai Pads with Grey Maynard shooting for takedowns at times throughout the rounds, my wrestling felt great as Grey told me it was the best I have done with regards to wrestling. That is fanatastic since it tells me I am peaking at the right time. After the pads/takedown defense I did 3X5mins of light grappling with Grey and finished with technique with some the BJJ guys with us with defenses for the fight. I feel ready and look forward to each day that I am here, taking it all in day by day.


Arrived today in Anaheim and you can feel that something big is about to happen this weekend, there is a certain buzz that is hard to describe but it is certainly special. This week training is short, but with intensity and major focus on gameplan and weight management. I work out at the same time as when I will be fighting, which is 4:15pm Pacific, so it gets me ready to perform at fight time. I started off with a good 25 minute run to get my legs back after the flight and weight control and then followed up with 3X5 mins of Thai Pads working specific combos that will be used in the fight. I feel great and excited to be a part of this memorable event.

Monday, July 14

Now that we are within the actual fight week, training is down to one workout with consideration for complete injury prevention, timing and weight management. My workouts this week will be much shorter, but with a high level of intensity as in a fight. Tonight, Shawn wanted me to train at 8pm which is the equivalent of 5pm on the West coast when and where I will be fighting on Saturday. I began with 10 minutes of skipping to ensure I was good and warm before I had 3 hard 5 minute rounds of Thai pads followed by 3 x 5 minutes of ground and pound and drilling getting back to my feet from the ground position. I feel that my timing is on point and that I am peaking at a great time. I leave at 6am tomorrow morning so I will be sure to get some rest tonight.