The Maple Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays and pure Muay Thai in the heart of Hogtown. Lanna Muay Thai is a classic facility with exceptional training and dedication to the art of Muay Thai. From beginner and family oriented sessions to expert level one on one personal training this is the place for you to learn or enhance your understanding and expertise in the art of Muay Thai. Respect, Honour and Hard Work says it all about Lanna.


Lanna Muay Thai Canada is a world class Thai Boxing School teaching traditional Muay Thai. Lanna offers a friendly, family atmosphere making students feel comfortable while learning the art of Muay Thai.

The school enables students to develop and change their lifestyles physically, mentally and spiritually. While training, students improve fitness and wellness, maximize energy, improve cardiovascular capability, learn self defense and increase motivation in their everyday life.

The Lanna Community believes in Respect, Honour and Hard Work.

“…My philosophy is simple. I am passionate about making Respect, Honour and Hard Work not just words…but words to live by…” – Kru Mel Bellissimo – President/Teacher Lanna Muay Thai Canada.


Lanna Muay Thai Canada offers classes for people of all ages. Our classes include:

  • Intro to Muay Thai
  • Level 1 Muay Thai (for beginners): This class consists of a cardio segment and a portion on Muay Thai techniques.
  • Family Muay Thai: A beginner Muay Thai class that gives an opportunity for kids and parents to train together.
  • Cardio & Conditioning (Calisthenics): For those who are interested in working hard through circuit and cardiovascular training with a mix of Muay Thai boxercise.
  • Bag and Pad work: Dedicated to hitting bags and kicking pads. It gives students the opportunity to not only hit pads but instruction on how to hold them as well. The emphasis of this class is technique.
  • Circuit Training: This boot camp style workout will push you to your limits. Both strength and core training are the emphasis of this high intensity core workout.
  • Skipping Class: A great way to increase your cardio conditioning through various movements and speeds throughout the skip.
  • Drills and Clinching Class: This class is dedicated to the art of Muay Thai. Students will dive head first into drills that emphasizes the foundations of Muay Thai techniques and strategies.
  • Boxing: A class dedicated to the sweet science. Students will get an opportunity to focus on one of the weapons used in Muay Thai, the hands. A great mix of exercise and technique.
  • Fighters’ Class: Geared to students who are interested in taking Muay Thai to the next level. Designed for students that have aspirations of going into the ring and competing at an amateur or professional level. Students must be invited to this class.
  • Personal Training: One hour personal training sessions consist of two parts. Cardiovascular and Callisthenic workout, and Skill Development. This segment will provide the student with a basic to intermediate understanding of Muay Thai techniques.

Lanna Muay Thai Canada is consistently developing new programs. Every year world class Teachers are invited from Thailand to teach at the school, including Kru Mel’s teacher Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai. Their professional knowledge is of great benefit to the students.


Lanna Muay Thai Canada is a fully equipped Thai boxing school.

  • 3,500 sq. ft.
  • Large floor space for skipping, working with partners, etc.
  • A full size boxing ring (22×22)
  • 7 punching bags varying in shape and size including a tear-drop punching bag and an upper-cut and hook bag
  • A speed bag
  • A double end ball
  • Authentic Thai boxing equipment imported from Thailand, including Thai kick pads, focus mitts, belly pads, shin guards, head gear and much more.
  • Lanna Cafe and Nutrition Shop
  • Lanna Wear
  • Ladies change rooms including lockers, showers, sitting area
  • Men change rooms including lockers, showers, sitting area


Kru Mel Bellissimo – President/Head Teacher

  • Kru Mel Bellissimo is the owner and Head Teacher at Lanna Muay Thai Canada.
  • Vice President of Competitions for the Canadian Amateur Muay Thai Association of Ontario (CAMTAO).
  • Kru certification, Ajahn Suchart (Toronto, Canada 2002)
  • Kru certification, Kiet Busaba (Chiang mai, Thailand 2003)
  • Kru certification, Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai, Burklerk Muay Thai Academy (Lampang, Thailand 2005)
  • Head Coach of the Canadian National Team Euro Championships (Germany 2006)
  • Developed Coach and Corner Man course for Canadian Amateur Muay Thai Association of Ontario.
  • Member of World Muay Thai Council
  • Train members of Toronto Police Services (R.O.P.E., Major Crime, Guns and Gangs and Drug squad)
  • Featured in the book “A Golden Souvenir of Muay Thai”

Khun Steve Bettencourt – Instructor

Melissa Sanchez – Office Coordinator

Our Fighters- Testimonials

Paul Saccoccia – Canadian Cruiser Weight Champion
“My life has changed because of Muay Thai and I am honoured to fight for and be a part of such a distinguished school. I look forward to fighting around the world to show my passion and love for the sport…”

Anthony LaViola
“Being a part of the Lanna family is a blessing and an honour… The greatest goal I have is to keep training and become the best fighter I can be. Wins and losses are not what define me; it’s the test of will and the determination in my heart which will truly make me a martial artist…”

Khun Steven Bettencourt
“…Special thanks to Kru Mel for making me a different person in many different ways. For all the students, train hard, sweat hard, and respect everyone the same way and I promise you will change in many different ways…”


Lanna Muay Thai Canada
Address: 3625 Weston Rd. Unit 1&2 Toronto, ON M9L 1V9
Phone: (416) 740-2352
Fax: (416) 740-4841


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