As an avid martial arts fan, I tend to follow the world of MMA with more vigor and enthusiasm than the average person. Learning what the best fighters in the world are doing to keep in peak performance is one of the topics i find myself indulging in more that others. As I have recently moved to Denver, Colorado, I was curious to find an MMA Gym in Colorado that I could get into right away and start training again. What i found during my search was overwhelming; a plethora of quality and talent that you would strained to find anywhere else. I still haven’t made up my mind because there is just too many decisions, so with this article I present some of the top gyms of Colorado and some of my top picks to train at.

Zingano BJJ– This is as good as it gets if you are concerned with technique. Head instructor Mauricio Zingano learned his BJJ form none other than the oldest Gracies, so you know the technique applied in daily lessons is as good as it gets. Throw in legend Muay Thai fighter Sakmongkul Sitchuchoke (who was Lumpinee champion with over 250 fights) and you can be rest assured that the your striking and grappling will be second to none. To put icing on the cake, the facilities available at Zingano BJJ are award winning. If you are ever curious to what a gym should possess to be successful, look no further.

Grudge Training Center – This is Trevor Whitman’s gym. In case you don’t who Trevor is, he was an assistant coach to Rashad Evans during The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights and is head coach to fighters such as Nate Marquardt, Shane Carwin, Rashad Evans and Duane Ludwig. Instantly you know that the quality of training is high, with focus on top performance at an athletic level. With 6000 square feet and every type of ring to practice in, you can be rest assured you will get to practice every faucet of your game, and with top talent as well. Need a little more incentive? This is one of the few Jackson’s MMA affiliate gyms.

Easton BJJ– Amal Easton, 7th degree black belt under Renzo Gracie, runs what many people consider the best school in the Denver area. With a focus on personal progression, this gym offers the masses a sense of care and kindness in a world dominated by tough guys. Another gym frequented by UFC contender Shane Carwin, Easton BJJ also has a number of staff knowledgeable appropriate fitness and health. The combination of good technique, good workouts and an attentive staff makes this gym a great place to train and have fun.

Davey Thompkins