Minnesota has played host to some of the strongest and toughest MMA fighters ever to grace the octagon. With an astounding collegiate wrestling program and an MMA scene headed by Brock Lesnar and Sean Sherk, gyms in Minnesota have been sprouting up form the ground, producing some of the toughest combatants Mixed Martial Arts has seen at breakneck speeds.

Such an example of the strength you can obtain is seen at Minnesota Top Team. With three boxing instructors, two personal trainers, two BJJ coaches and a Muay Thai coach, you can rest easy knowing there isn’t a single faucet of your physical performance that would go overlooked. If that wasn’t enough, owner Jeremy Clark plays a big role in the development of MTT and it’s students. Mr. Clark boasts one of the most impressive strength and combat training resumes in the country, training international and collegiate sports teams on how to get strong and fight all at the same time.

Perhaps even more rooted in the forms of technique and tradition, The Warrior’s Cove, located in multiple spots around the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, focuses more on the grappling aspect of MMA. Founded by Rickson Gracie black belt David Arnebeck, The Warrior’s Cove hosts some of the most experienced martial artists the state has to offer; Tom Crone, a 7th degree Judoka, heads the gym’s Judo program with Olympic-level teaching.

No matter where you look, you can be sure to find a great gym in Minnesota, there are so many options! Make sure to take a look at our full gym listings as we always try to give you as many options as possible!