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There’s no talk of technology, the .com boom and bust or anything even close to software when you walk in the front doors of Shamrock MMA in the heart of Silicon Valley. At this MMA facility you will find discussions of Samurais, warriors and all that encompasses “The Shamrock Way”. Take a tour with and find out why Shamrock MMA is your training facility in San Jose.


The Shamrock Way is a lifestyle and personal development program created by Frank Juarez Shamrock. As a professional mixed martial artist and entrepreneur, his continued study of the art of fighting and perseverance of the human spirit has manifested great insight to the art of living.

This is the program that he lives his life by and mentors others to live their dreams.

The roots of the Shamrock Way are founded on the Japanese idea of Bushido, the ethical code of the Samurai, which literally means The Way of the Warrior.

Known to most American martial artists as simply “The Way,” this idea of a social, moral and ethical compass in your life is based on the concepts of self-discipline, honor and respect.

We are all warriors in life; struggling daily to make a living, conflicting for respect, fighting for our relationships, battling nature, challenging our bodies with disease and stress. We need to make a fundamental choice and choose a path.

The Shamrock Way teaches in 5 steps how to serve a greater cause and learn humility by becoming a student of life. This is done when you accept the task to learn of the art of fighting. The Art of Fighting is the Art of Living a rich and fulfilled life.

Once the light of knowledge is lit, the flame of hunger to live is fueled with brave actions.

Honesty to yourself and others will forge a pathway to your true self and your community.

Finally, honor and respect will be attained with that path and success will follow.

This is standard thought pattern when seeing this for the first time: unique, different, outrageous, miraculous, essential.

+ = – is the core of the Program. Which means; it takes 3 people to make you the best you can be. One better, one equal, and one less than. The last person is the most important, that’s you!

The Shamrock Way is based on the hierarchal concept of military initiations, individual and team goals, group challenges, and selfless service.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve – The Shamrock Way.


  • 4,500+ sq. ft. bi-level facility
  • Two separate training mats featuring Swain anti-bacterial mat covers
  • The Rage – Custom made competition area using aspects of a cage and traditional boxing ring
  • 8 ft. heavy bags for striking
  • Everlast 60 lb. “wrecking balls”
  • Everlast professional speed bags
  • Mexican style “crazy bags”
  • Wavemaster XL training bags for women’s cardio classes
  • Treatment area for massage, acupressure, and restorative therapy
  • Lounge area for family & friends
  • Pro Shop featuring the latest in Shamrock Athletics apparel & equipment and other popular MMA brands
  • Video lounge with overhead projection available for birthdays, viewing, and private parties
  • Health Bar


Shamrock Submission Fighting
Get in the best shape of your life while learning proven techniques from 5 time undefeated UFC Champion, Frank Shamrock.

F2 Fitness Fighting
Frank Shamrocks fitness fighting program, (F-2), is designed specifically to drive and motivate women to meet their true fitness and self defense potential.

Wild Cats MMA (Ages 5-14)
Wild Cats Mixed Martial Arts is a fun, exciting, highly energetic program giving kids an awesome workout along with focus, discipline, respect, and functional self defense skills learned from MMA.

Personal Training
Lose weight, get in shape, look great, and be your best with the best at Shamrock Martial Arts Academy. Enjoy one-on-one training with 5 time UFC champion Frank Shamrock, or any of our personal training staff who are all Shamrock Submission Fighting Certified.

MMALE – Law Enforcement Training


Shamrock Martial Arts Academy
Address: 5725 Winfield Blvd. Ste 1 San Jose, Ca 95123
Phone: (408) 225-2883
Fax: (408) 229-1159
E-mail: [email protected]


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