Some have said that MMA gyms in Oregon was the birthplace of MMA as we know it today.

With a tremendous college wrestling program and the birthplace of the original Team Quest Portland, Oregon boasts a vast amount of quality in several locations spanning throughout the state. With fighters of high caliber such as Randy Couture and Matt Lindland, Oregon served as one of the of the few places in MMA’s earlier days to support and nurture the growing sport. Because of that, the quality of training within Oregon has had time to mature, producing a hotbed of great fighters and excellent gyms.

Victor Submission Fighting Academy, ran by Erik Victor, offers top of the line facilities and asserts a successful style of training. Evidence of this is supported by the fighters Mr. Victor has produced, training UFC fighter and former King of the Cage champion Mike Guymon. For those closer to Eugene, there is 10th planet JJ. Serving as head instructor of 10th planet in Oregon is Gerald Strebendt, Former Cage Rage champion and one of the few awarded a black belt under Eddie Bravo. Recognized as one of the more successful gyms in the US, 10th planet holds a standard for their product, both in the gym itself and the people that enter and leave the gym.

So if you are looking for a high quality MMA gym in Oregon look no further than our full gym listing as you have a number of high quality gyms to choose from. Good luck!