There is no mistaking that Mixed Martial Arts is only getting more popular as every event passes by. As time flies by more and more people are deciding to involve themselves in the world of MMA, and with that we are seeing an spurt of MMA gyms claiming to teach people the fundamental disciplines that are ever present in MMA. Some gyms do well, producing a family-like atmosphere as they encourage a healthy lifestyle that  comes with many benefits. Other gyms, however, take it many steps further, producing champions and icons in the art of combat. Statistics do not lie. There are several gyms out there, particularly in the US, that host several fantastic fighters, but only a few stand out to the point of catching the attention of the masses and not just the hardcore fans. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, in no particular order, the listing of the top five gyms in America.

1) Jackson’s MMA – Albuquerque, NM.

            There is no way to make a list discussing the top gyms/trainers of MMA without mentioning Greg Jackson and his gym. Since establishing in 1992, Jackson has conjured more than 10 champions and an endless amount of contenders. reports that Jackson’s fighters have a win percentage of over 81%. Think about that. If those numbers are not enough to convince you, Jackson himself owns three awards – two for best coach and one for best gym. If that doesn’t qualify a facility for best gym ever, I don’t have an idea on what would.

2) Cesar Gracie Academy – Pleasant Hill, CA.

            It is fitting that a Gracie makes this list. I am not throwing this gym on here simply for the namesake, though. With pupils like the Diaz Brothers, Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez and David Terrell, the roster speaks for itself. What’s even more impressive is the resume Cesar Gracie fighters hold. Almost every person who fights out of that gym professionally has a more than mediocre record and an area where they shine. Consistency is something to admire, and This gym has it in spades.

3) King’s MMA – Huntington Beach, CA.

            The name Rafael Cordeiro, to those who do not know, is revered in the world of MMA. As the principle trainer of legends such as Wanderlei Silva, Fabricio Werdum, Shogun Rua, Anderson Silva and Babalu Sobral, Corderio has been known to turn anyone into a machine of violence with his never-say-die attitude and rigorous training sessions. Now living in California, more and more current contenders are stopping into King’s MMA just to get a taste of Master Cordeiro’s ways.

4) American Top Team – Coconut Creek, FL.

            Maybe the most populated string of gyms throughout the US, ATT is another gym that has conceived a mass of champions and contenders. With gyms throughout the entire country, ATT has been able to maintain a quality that is rivaled by few. A constant staple in the MMA world, ATT continues to usher in new, fresh talent, exposing them to a field of experience unseen anywhere else.

5) American Kickboxing Academy – San Jose, CA.

            Possessing what might be the three most cohesive trainers in the country, AKA’s Javier Mendez, Bob Cook and Dave Camarillo have been driving fighters into the winner’s circle for years. Being represented by top fighters of the world like Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Mike Swick and Josh Thomson, AKA has always been a place that has an eye for talent. Finally breeding their first home-grown champion in Cain Velasquez, AKA’s stock continues to rise as its fighters continue to succeed. You cannot argue with statistics; These boys simply know how to win.