Jeff Harrison


He’s been fighting around the world from Brazil, Thailand, Europe, Mexico and of course his home turf Canada and now he’s bringing his fight game online at Jeff spent his early years as a piano player (go ahead, make fun of him for it – dares you!)

Shot of Jeff Harrison

I am 27 years old, currently undefeated as a pro in both Muay Thai and MMA. I have been itching to fight MMA since I started training in 1999. In 2002, I made the decision to dedicate myself exclusively to the sport and followed the path of many fighters before me to to Brazil to train BJJ with Gracie Barra, and Vale Tudo with Brazilian Top Team. I have a record of 24-5 in Amateur Muay Thai and have held provincial and Canadian National titles in CAMTAO and World Muay Thai Federation. I have also undertaken the striker’s pilgrimage to Thailand 3 times and trained with Top level “non-tourist” fight camps. I have fought in Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Europe and North America. I train BJJ under Pat Cooligan, the only Renzo Gracie Black belt in Canada. I train Muay Thai with MAS Thaiboxing under Kru Chris Kew, as well as under 7 time Lumpinee stadium champion Berklerk Pinsinchai as his first foreign student and the only certified Kru under Pinsinchai in Canada (he is ranked among the top ten Thai boxers of all time).

I am a certified CAMTAO Kru under the designated guidelines set out by the Ontario Government. I was awarded this title at the age of 25, making me the youngest Kru in Ontario. I was head coach of my own training facility in Stratford, 519 Fight Factory, that I opened at the age of 24. 519 became one of the most feared striking teams in Ontario very quickly by focusing on Conditioning and the Knock Out. Adam Kastner started our team’s career in TKO with a submission victory over top Canadian featherweight Tommy Pariseau from Team Legion. Since then, 519 Fight Factory has been doing well in Canada’s largest promotion, as well as other smaller shows. We still fight Muay Thai monthly and have strong roots with our brothers at MAS Thai Boxing, where I am currently employed. As for 519 Fight Factory, Syd Barnier now runs the show.

In April 2006, I decided to learn more about all aspects of the MMA business and started making a career as a promoter. I have served as a promoter for over 10 Thai Boxing shows now, a career that has been a lot of fun is beginning to pay off.! I hope to someday promote MMA in Ontario as we continue our lobbying efforts to legalize it in our home province.

As an amateur I have fought anywhere and everywhere for free because I love to fight. Muay Thai was my chosen discipline for a simple reason – MMA was illegal in Ontario. I will fight anyone; doesn’t matter who. Eventually I would like to win the TKO belt, either at 145 or 155lbs or possibly at both weight classes. My next fight is against Tim Wadsworth, a champion wrestler from BTT, and will likely be a very tough fight for me. As the Harrison fans will tell you, I’ll put on a good show and never bet against me.


  • WMF Canadian Champ 154 lbs
  • WMF Eastern Canadian Champ 154lbs
  • CAMTAO Champ 168lbs
  • ECC veteran
  • TKO veteran
  • Fought in Thessaprit Stadium in Pattaya Thailand KO 3rd round

Champions Trained

  • Chris Kew – 6xOntario CAMTAO champ, Open Asian Games champ
  • Syd Barnier – 3xOntario CAMTAO champ, World WMF champ, Canadian Champ WMF and WMF world games silver medalist
  • Adam Kastner – Eastern Canadian Champ WMF
  • Bobby Whittaker – Ontario CAMTAO
  • Joe Tipping – 2xOntario CAMTAO Champ, WMF Eastern Canadian champ, WMF world games silver medalist
  • Devin Henry – 2xOntario CAMTAO champ, Intercontinental WMF champ


To be a champion in two weight divisions; 145 and 155.

Did You Know?

I am really just a musician! I have played the piano since the age of two and am currently working on songs to get a CD going by next year.