Joel Jamieson

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Joel Jamieson is one of MMA’s top Strength & Conditioning Coaches and pioneers and is widely regarded as the nation’s leading expert in the science of physical conditioning for MMA. His no nonsense scientific approach and Precision Conditioning training system is helping to revolutionize how today’s top fighters get in shape and has been instrumental in the success of more than 20 of the world’s best fighters from the UFC, Dream, WEC, Shooto, K-1, PrideFC, and other major organizations.

Joel has personally worked with 6 World Champions in MMA and trained superstars and legends in the game such as Rich Franklin, Chris Leben, Hayato Sakurai, Jens Pulver, Maurice Smith, KJ Noons, Spencer Fisher, Matt Brown, Akira Shoji, Ivan Salaverry, and many more. He previously served as the official Strength and Conditioning Coach for PrideFC and has spent more than 5 years working together with legendary MMA Coach Matt “The Wizard” Hume and AMC Pankration to take countless professional and amateur fighters to the top of their game.

Image of Joel Jamieson, Jens Pulver, and Spencer Fisher


A Student of the Game

Prior to focusing his training efforts working with today’s top fighters, he got his first start in the Strength & Conditioning field at the University of Washington in their Intercollegiate Athletic Department being mentored by Coach Bill Gillespie, a 24x world record holder in the sport of Powerlifting. After the University of Washington he went on to work with the Seattle Seahawks where he worked under Coach Kent Johnston, a veteran of more than 17 seasons in the NFL that was instrumental in helping to develop legends such as Brett Favre and Reggie White. During this time, Joel was also able to study with renowned scientist Dr. Mel Siff, widely considered by many to be one of the true pioneers in the science of human performance.

An Entrepreneur

After working with the Seattle Seahawks Joel opened his own training facility just outside of Seattle, WA and began working with athletes of all levels. In addition to his work with 6 MMA World Champions and more than 20 top pros, he has also worked with NFL players from more than 10 teams, world record holders from 4 different sports, and Olympic competitors from 3 different sports.

His passion for training also inspired him to help create the Think Big Foundation, a non-profit organization that provided a groundbreaking mentorship program called “Athletic Performance for Life” to local high school student-athletes in the community.

Recently, Joel launched the new website to further the scientific understanding of the science of MMA Strength & Conditioning and help athletes from all over the world learn from his extensive experience and unique training methods.